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Patient Comments

“I’m very happy with Dr. Covey’s job and his staff is so sweet and nice. I felt very comfortable during the surgery. I was originally nervous. It’s only been two weeks since my Smartlipo and I am already very happy with my results.”


Anne Lynch, Southampton, NY, Age 42


I came to see you 7 years after my face was horribly scarred from an almost fatal car accident. I had over 700 stitches but still had lots of terrible scars across both sides of my face. Before coming to you I went to many other cosmetic surgeons who told me nothing more could be done.


After just one laser treatment my scars improved so much that for the first time since the accident I actually liked looking at my face in the mirror. I only wish I had come to see you sooner. Thank you for making my face so much better and making me feel good about myself again. You’re the best!


Christine H. Shirley, NY, Age 26

I have been meaning to write this letter for some time. I just had to let you know how pleased I am with the results I get from your procedures. I love the comments I receive when I inform people that I am retiring as of July 1st. I have been told that I look way too young to retire. You can take some of the credit for those comments. I love the idea that your procedures require little or no down time. This is important to me since I love to go out dancing and socializing every weekend. I also love the way you and your staff make sure your clients are pleased with their results. You can count on me as a regular client.


Estella C., Bellport, NY, Age 57

 As a successful racehorse trainer, it is important for me to look good. My job requires public appearances and I need to look good. I am 44 years old and over the last few years I’ve been feeling depressed. I felt I looked tired, old, ragged and run-down even though I exercise and take care of myself. I’ve known Dr. Covey for years and recently came to him for Thermage CPT to tighten up my face and rejuvenate my looks. Then I had Restylane to fill in my deep smile lines and plump up my lips. The results are unbelievable. Recently I was at a restaurant and the waitress wouldn’t serve me a drink until I showed her my ID! What a great feeling that was! Thank you Dr. Covey for helping me look younger and feel better about myself.


Jennifer Pedersen, Manorville, NY, Age 46


Thank you so much for the care you have given me in your office. I love the individual attention you devote to my needs. As a physician you are talented, and I appreciate that you never rush. Using you’re artistic ability you are careful to create the facial symmetry that is so critical to a beautiful face! The staff in your office is gentle, kind and knowledgeable, making all the procedures a comfortable and exciting experience – especially with the great results I’ve gotten! Thanks again!


Maria Josepher, New York, NY, Age 51


I have always felt young and full of energy but as I got older I just didn’t look as young as I felt. I realized the idea of surgery was drastic and extreme so I went to see you about sagging, wrinkles, facial veins, and brown spots. A couple of laser treatments later, my face looks absolutely amazing-younger, smoother and clearer than it did even 10 years ago. Best of all after every treatment I walked right out of the office- no surgery, no bruising, no pain – simply terrific results. Thank you, Dr. Covey


Tony Messina, University Professor, Patchogue , NY, Age 57


Immediately after the thermage treatment for a brow lift, my friends complimented me on how my eyes looked bigger and brighter. It was thrilling not to undergo anesthesia.


Matthew Ryan, Real Estate Agent, Bridgehampton, NY, Age 46


My eyes were getting smaller and my eyelids were drooping. After my full face Thermage CPT treatment, I feel like I had a real facelift without the surgery. I was thrilled to see the immediate results and my boyfriend was able to notice an amazing difference in less than 24 hours.”


Carol Reina, Warranty Administrator, Shirley, NY, Age 49


Previously, I had laser wrinkle reduction treatments with Dr. Covey to reduce my fine lines. I then wanted to lift my sagging jowls and neck, so I had the Thermage CPT treatment and noticed an immediate tightening in my jowls and neck.


Anna Siringo, Bookkeeper, Bohemia, NY, Age 49


For many years, I hated the way my face looked because of my severe acne scarring. I tried different creams and treatments but nothing ever seemed to help. I felt unattractive and insecure. When I first came to see you, I was hesitant about having the acne scarring laser procedure because I didn’t know if it would really improve my skin. Fortunately, I was wrong. One laser treatment did more for my acne scarring than everything I tried in the past combined! I feel so much better about myself now.


Salvatore Casciotta, General Contractor and Father of 2 children, Hampton Bays, NY, Age 50


I felt I was looking tired and old. After seeing Dr. Covey and having Botox and Cosmoderm, I can’t believe how much younger I look. Friends told me they almost didn’t recognize me. No downtime, no discomfort, just wonderful results!


Connie Esposito, Real Estate Agent, Setuaket, NY, Age 52


My friends and I can’t believe the difference. With Botox and Collagen I had immediate results, I saw a dramatic difference with laser wrinkle treatment.


Vickie Darnell, former actress and model, North Babylon, NY, Age 49


Before I came to you for the first time a few years ago, I had had 2 separate plastic surgeries elsewhere to remove the bags under my eyes and another operation for breast augmentation. After all these surgeries, I had to stay home to recuperate. When I came to you I was still feeling tired and older. You did Botox, Microdermabrasion and other cosmetic procedures all during my lunch hours and the results have been amazing! My smile lines, forehead lines, and wrinkles around my eyes are gone! My skin is as smooth as silk and shines like a teenager’s. Not a week goes by where I don’t run into a friend or acquaintance and they ask me what I did to my face because I look so fabulous! Dr. Covey, you are the only doctor I would ever trust my face to again.



Carol Zwecker, Retail Manager and mother of two boys, Woodbury, New York, Age 45


“I want to thank you so much for the results I received from the Laser Treatment. Within a week after the treatment, my face looked renewed, lines reduced and that tired look was gone. I’m so thrilled with the results that I wish I’d gone to your office sooner. From the moment I picked up the phone to make an appointment, it was a very comfortable experience. Also, thank you, Donna.”


Noreen Frey, Cutchogue, NY


“I came to see Dr. Covey on February 10, 2003 for laser treatments for my acne scarring and acne. I absolutely love Dr. Covey for helping my skin and giving me the confidence to go outside with my head lifted high.” Thank you, Dr. Covey.


Kathleen Ferris, Receptionist for Peconic Health & Racket and mother of 2 children, Mattituck, NY, Age 39


“I was elated after having Mesotherapy to reduce my double chin.”


William G., CEO, Manhattan, Age 56


“I always had a problem with love handles. My jenas pushed all my fat into my middle. After Mesotherapy with Dr. Covey, I lost 8 inches and 10 pounds and the 10-minute treatments were easy.”


Diane Grinere, Real Estate Agent and mother of 3 grown daughters, Shirley, NY, Age 49


“I am thrilled at the results from my Mesotherapy treatments. My problem areas included my hips and thighs and I felt that my body was disproportionate. The noninvasive (nonsurgical) Mesotherapy treatments allowed me to continue my daily activities. After four treatments I have reduced the size and shape of my lower body. I feel healthier and more confident about my body than ever before.”


Susan Williams, Charter Manager, Hampton Bays, NY, Age 35

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