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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Ultra Femme…Ultra Terrific

If you’ve had children, you may have noticed a change in your vaginal area. Now, we can provide complete rejuvenation of the feminine anatomy with a single device.


Dr. Covey is proud to be one of the first physicians in Long Island and Manhattan to offer the Ultra Femme 360, a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment that improves a woman’s intimate life.


Here’s how it works: Focused thermal energy stimulates collagen production and restores the vaginal and vulvar (external genitalia) areas to a more youthful state. Tissue inside and outside the vagina is tightened, and problems such as stress incontinence, lubrication, painful intercourse and sensation are all improved.


Typically, you’ll need three once-a-week treatments, which are pain-free and take just a few minutes.


So, if you’ve experienced some of the conditions described above, please call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll evaluate your concerns and devise an Ultra Femme treatment plan just for you.


See you soon.


Sparkle This Holiday Season

This week, as the holidays approach, you might want to think about a last-minute touch-up that will have you looking and feeling your most beautiful.


Dermal fillers and other wrinkle-reducing treatments, including Botox and Dysport, are speedy ways to give your appearance a subtle refresh. Safe and effective, these treatments smooth skin and add an indefinable sparkle to your overall appearance.


Also, now is an optimal time for scheduling procedures that are good to take care of during the winter. SmartLipo and Fraxel are just two that yield results that improve over time.


Meanwhile, we wish you and your families a beautiful holiday and a safe, peaceful and happy new year. My staff and I hope that you enjoy this time with the special people in your lives.


See you soon, and all best,


Dr. Covey


Laser Hair Removal: An Ideal Treatment for Winter

There’s no time like the present when it comes to beauty. And, there’s no time like the present when it comes to Laser Hair Removal, a treatment that is best done during winter.


Since skin needs to be untanned for optimal results, and you’ll need several treatments, it makes sense to come in for your first appointment now, while winter is in swing.


Before it’s swimsuit time, say good bye to waxing, shaving and plucking, once and for all. Laser Hair Removal is a safe and fast alternative to the discomfort and inconvenience of temporary methods, and it lasts. The laser is effective on all areas of the body, including the upper lip, bikini area, underarms, chest, back and legs. And, the effects are progressive, so you’ll see continued improvement–including extra smooth skin–as time goes on.


Here’s how it works: Laser light targets the pigment in the hair follicle, destroying the hair and causing it to fall out. A small handpiece is placed near your skin and sends light pulses into the hair. To protect your skin and ensure your comfort during treatment, a dynamic cooling device is built into the laser.


Call my office today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll talk about whether Laser Hair Removal is right for you.


See you soon.


Stay Beautiful While You Travel

Many of you have planned vacations for the upcoming holiday season. If you’re about to travel by plane, remember that our bodies don’t always respond so well to being moved from place to place, high overhead. But, fear not. With a little preparation, you will look your best despite the altitude.


Here are a few beauty strategies that you can make part of your normal travel routine:


  • Face: Cabin pressure causes skin to become dehydrated. The night before you fly, apply extra rich, extra thick moisturizer that will prime your face for the plane’s dry air. And, do yourself a favor and skip the foundation on the day of travel. Sometimes, foundation can exacerbate dryness, so use a rich moisturizer only as you normally do in the morning and then again before you board.
  • Cheeks: It’s best to avoid makeup when you fly, but if you must…boost your complexion with a shimmer powder or cream applied lightly to the tops of your cheeks and bridge of your nose. Also, a cream blush and lip balm will add color without drying.
  • Lips: Layer with a lip stain, apply a few coats and then finish with gloss. Or, use an extra creamy lipstick. If you don’t use color, use medicated lip balms throughout the trip, instead. More is better, in this case. Stay away from cakey lipsticks or long-lasting formulations, since these can sometimes dry out the delicate skin on the lips. Remember to moisturize well before applying any product to your lips, particularly on the border between the lips and skin above and below them
  • Eyes: Use a rich eye cream under your eyes and if you are skipping concealer, reapply during your flight, particularly if you will be sleeping.
  • Body and hands: Again, it’s all about the moisture. Slather your body with your creamiest moisturizer before you dress, and do the same for your hands. Remember to reapply after you wash your hands.
  • Hair: Cabin dryness will produce fly-aways and static and sometimes leave hair looking flat. During the trip, twist your tresses on top of your head and secure with a butterfly clip or fabric band. When you land, your hair will be full and full of natural waves, too. Take along a spritz bottle of water, turn your head upside down and spray at the roots to reignite products when you are on the ground. The upside—if you suffer from coarse hair, nothing is better than airplane air to fight the frizz.


Safe travels, and see you soon.


Call us today toll-free, (855) DRCOVEY, to schedule a complimentary consultation or ask a question.

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