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Category: Botox

When to Start Injectables: A Guide to Timing Your Cosmetic Journey

Injectable treatments like Botox and dermal fillers have become increasingly popular for achieving a youthful and refreshed appearance without the need for surgery. But when is the right time to start considering injectables? The answer depends on various factors, including your age, skincare goals, and personal preferences.


In Your 20s:

Starting early can be a proactive approach to skincare. In your 20s, you may begin to notice the first signs of fine lines, especially around the eyes and on the forehead. Some individuals opt for preventative Botox or Dysport treatments during this time to reduce the development of more pronounced wrinkles later on. Additionally, dermal fillers can be used to enhance facial contours or add volume if desired.


In Your 30s:

As you enter your 30s, you may see more noticeable signs of aging, such as deeper lines and a loss of facial volume. This is a common time for people to consider injectables to refresh their appearance. Botox can smooth out dynamic wrinkles, while dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Defyne can restore volume and address early signs of sagging skin.


In Your 40s and Beyond:

By your 40s, the natural aging process becomes more apparent. Many individuals choose to embrace injectables to maintain a youthful look. Botox and Dysport can effectively target wrinkles, while dermal fillers can provide a subtle lift and restore facial contours. Combining these treatments can yield impressive results while still appearing natural.


The decision of when to start injectables is a personal one, and it’s important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond, injectables can be a valuable tool in your skincare arsenal, helping you maintain a youthful and refreshed appearance. Ultimately, the right time to start is when you feel it’s right for you and your individual skincare journey.


See you soon.


Fall Into Beauty: Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures Perfect for Autumn

As the leaves change and the air becomes crisp, it’s the ideal time to embrace a fresh start for your appearance. Fall is the season of transformation, and what better way to enhance your natural beauty than with non-invasive cosmetic procedures? We offer a range of non-surgical treatments that can help you look and feel your best as you transition into the cooler months.


Fraxel Dual -The summer sun can take a toll on your skin, leading to sunspots, uneven pigmentation, and fine lines. Fraxel Dual is an excellent choice for reversing these effects. With reduced sun exposure in the fall, your skin can recover more comfortably from laser treatments. This procedure can target various concerns, leaving you with a refreshed and youthful complexion.


Dermal Fillers – Fall is a great time to address volume loss and facial wrinkles with dermal fillers. These non-surgical treatments can restore youthful fullness to your face, enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in plumping your lips, filling in nasolabial folds, or sculpting your cheeks, fillers such as Juvederm Volbella, Restylane Defyne and Restylane Contour can help you achieve a rejuvenated appearance.


BotoxBotox injections are a popular choice for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This non-invasive treatment can temporarily relax facial muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. With a quick and virtually painless procedure, you can enjoy a more youthful and refreshed look without any downtime.


Microdermabrasion – A gentle yet effective way to refresh your skin. It exfoliates the skin’s surface, promoting collagen production and revealing a more youthful complexion. This treatment is perfect for reducing fine lines, minimizing pores, and improving skin texture.


Fall is the season of change, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your appearance with non-invasive cosmetic procedures. From laser skin rejuvenation and microdermabrasion to dermal fillers and Botox, there are numerous options to enhance your natural beauty without surgery.  Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.


The Ageless Advantage: Why It’s Important to Have a Regular Botox Schedule

Botox, a popular cosmetic treatment, has become a staple in the arsenal of age-defying solutions. While some may consider it an occasional beauty indulgence, maintaining a regular Botox schedule offers numerous benefits that go beyond just looking great.


Preventing Wrinkles Before They Form

The saying “prevention is better than cure” holds true in the world of anti-aging. Regular Botox injections can help prevent the formation of deep wrinkles and fine lines. By targeting and relaxing the facial muscles responsible for creases, Botox minimizes their development. This proactive approach means you’ll need less Botox over time to maintain a youthful appearance.


Natural-Looking Results

One common concern with cosmetic treatments is the fear of looking overly “done.” Having a regular Botox schedule allows for subtle and natural-looking results. Gradual touch-ups enable us to tailor the treatment to your specific needs, ensuring you always appear refreshed rather than frozen.


Preventing Deepening Lines

As we age, the muscles we use most frequently in facial expressions can lead to the formation of deeper lines and wrinkles. Regular Botox treatments relax these muscles, preventing them from further deepening existing creases. This can make you look years younger than your actual age.


Boosting Self-Confidence

Looking in the mirror and seeing a more youthful version of yourself can significantly boost self-confidence. Knowing that you have a regular Botox schedule can provide peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about the appearance of new wrinkles or lines affecting your self-esteem.


Maintaining a regular Botox schedule offers numerous advantages. From preventing wrinkles to boosting self-esteem, Botox can be an essential part of your beauty regimen. So, if you’re considering Botox, don’t just think of it as a one-time fix; think of it as an ongoing investment in yourself, your confidence, and your timeless beauty.


See you soon.




Unlock a Youthful Transformation with the Liquid Facelift

As the years go by, the desire to retain a youthful appearance remains a universal aspiration. While surgical facelifts were once the primary solution, the world of cosmetic enhancements has evolved to offer a non-invasive alternative—the liquid facelift. This procedure, also known as a nonsurgical facelift, has gained immense popularity for its ability to rejuvenate the face without the need for surgery or extensive downtime.


A liquid facelift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the strategic use of injectable treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox, to address signs of aging in the face. Unlike a traditional surgical facelift, which involves incisions and tissue repositioning, a liquid facelift utilizes advanced techniques to restore volume, improve facial contours, and reduce wrinkles—all without the need for surgery.


The liquid facelift offers a revolutionary approach to facial rejuvenation, allowing you to turn back the clock and embrace a more youthful version of yourself without surgery. By harnessing the power of injectables, this non-invasive procedure provides natural-looking results, minimal downtime, and the opportunity to enhance your beauty with precision. If you’re considering a liquid facelift, call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.


The Skin Cycle: What You Can Expect, Decade by Decade

Your skin has a natural plan. With each year that passes, it undergoes assorted stressors, some that it has experienced before and some that are brand new. And it reacts to these changing stimuli in different ways, subtle and not-so. Unfortunately, while you may not feel any older, your skin has another story to tell. Aging plays tricks on its delicate composition. But do not despair–you have strategies at your disposal for warding off the first signs of attack. The trick: know what’s coming and take as many precautions as possible.


Here is what you can expect:


In Your 20s and 30s: Get ready. Hormonal changes may happen during this time, causing adult acne. We can treat it, though, with our Pulsed Dye Laser. Also, you may notice hints of wrinkles (yes, they begin early) and pigmentation. Botox and Dysport will help minimize lines, keeping them from setting and deepening. Catching them early is more effective than waiting until they are extreme. Fraxel DUAL and IPL will help reduce discoloration, brown spots and freckling.


In Your 40s: Your skin may begin to lose its luster, appearing dull and rough. Also, age spots may appear since the skin can’t repair itself as quickly or as completely as it used to. You may notice, too, that your skin doesn’t glow as much, since skin cell shedding begins to slow down. But, we can brighten and smooth out your skin with Clear+BrilliantFraxel DUAL and Fraxel Repair laser treatments. Your skin tone will look even, and wrinkles and pores will diminish. During your 40s, wrinkles may be deeper than they were before. Dermal fillers such as RestylaneRestylane DefyneRestylane RefyneRestylane LyftRestylane SilkVolumaJuvedermBelotero and Radiesse, and neurotoxins, such as Botox and Dysport, are effective in reducing the appearance of these lines and folds.


In Your 50s and 60s: Subtle lines may have turned into deep wrinkles and previously taut skin may have begun to sag. Declining collagen and elastin levels cause your skin to become thinner and more fragile. As the underlying skin structure is less supported, the skin falls down and droops. We have many treatments, such as Infini, that can work wonders to resurface skin and stimulate collagen production, which will help lift up and plump your skin, nonsurgically. The treatments will also help to brighten and lighten any discoloration caused by sun exposure or simple aging.


At all times of your life, remember to do what you can to preserve your skin’s natural beauty. Wear plenty of sunscreen (and not only in the summer), avoid the sun as much as possible, steer clear of smoking and cleanse and moisturize often.


Call our office for a complimentary consultation. We’ll help you look your most natural youthful best.


See you soon.


The Nonsurgical Botox Brow Lift: How Does it Work?

The muscles of your face are some of the most complex in the body. Knowing exactly how they function beneath the surface of your skin is crucial for making subtle changes in your appearance.


Some facial muscles work against each other—certain ones lift a given feature while other ones push it downward. The outer part of the eyebrow, for instance, is lifted up by forehead muscles and pulled down by squinting muscles. This creates a push-pull scenario, and it also creates an opportunity, since we have the ability to relax chosen muscles with Botox.


So, if we want the muscle that does the lifting to do its job, but not the muscle that does the pulling, we can relax the pulling muscle with Botox. The result is what is known as a nonsurgical brow lift. With just a few simple injections that raise and shape the brow area, your face will appear brighter, younger and more refreshed. In the process, forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines are also corrected.


Often, the lift of the brow measures only about 2 millimeters, but the difference is striking. You will look rejuvenated immediately, without undergoing traditional brow or forehead surgery.


Call our office for a complimentary consultation tailored just for you.


See you soon.



Eyes: Windows To Your…Age

No one really wants to reveal his or her age. But there are places on our bodies that can give secrets away, namely, the eyes.


The skin surrounding your eyes is extremely delicate, making it susceptible to cosmetic problems that make you look older than you are. Also, because it moves so much during facial expression, lines and wrinkles form over time. Crow’s feet emerge on the outside of the eye and creases appear underneath the lash line, for instance. Add dark circles, hollowing, drooping lids and puffiness, and you will appear tired and worn. Perhaps you’ve tried creams that claim to tighten skin or cold tea bags and cucumbers that temporarily reduce fluid retention, but you are still not happy when you look into the mirror.


We offer a range of nonsurgical treatments that will help return a well-rested look to your eyes and ultimately, your face. Depending on your individual needs, we can craft a personal plan that will help you look refreshed and more youthful, with minimal downtime and recuperation.


Here are a few of our most popular eye treatments:



Come talk with us about how we can help. Call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation. And meantime, keep applying that sunscreen.


See you soon.


Men Are Body-Conscious, Too

When people talk about body image, we often assume that they are referring to women. But men experience similar insecurities about their physical appearance, according to many studies published worldwide.


Many men worry about beer bellies, love handles, man “boobs” and hair loss, among other issues associated with aging.


More than four in five men (80.7 percent) talk in ways that promote anxiety about their body image by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, compared with 75 percent of women, according to a study from the University of the West of England. The study also revealed that 23 percent of the surveyed men didn’t go to the gym because they were concerned about their appearance and 63 percent thought that their arms and chests were not muscular enough.


A study in 2016 by Chapman University researchers, published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity, showed that:


  • About 25 percent of the men were dissatisfied with their appearance, compared to about 28.5 percent of women.
  • More than half of the men had gone on diets in the past year, and nearly 42 percent were unhappy with their weight.
  • About 37 percent did not like the condition of their muscle tone.
  • About 69 percent felt judged on their looks and felt pressure from magazines and television to have a slimmer and more muscular body.


So, if you are male and concerned about your body shape, you are not alone. It’s likely that you

have dieted and spent hours in the gym. Sometimes, these tactics are not enough for certain trouble spots or for men of certain ages.


In our offices, one of the most popular procedures for men is SmartLipo Triplex, particularly for the neck, abdomen and breast area. SmartLipo Triplex is a minimally invasive method for removing unwanted fat and sculpting areas of the body that you’d like to change.


We also find that Kybella is effective for reducing the double chin, a common male problem that often resists diet and exercise. This procedure slims and contours the area below and around your chin and neck, without surgery.


You may also be concerned about the effects of aging, sun damage and stress, all of which can negatively impact how you feel about yourself at home and at work. Many male patients come see us for Botox, particularly for their foreheads and crow’s feet, and for dermal fillers that minimize the folds around their noses and corners of their mouths. Some of these fillers include BeloteroJuvedermRestylane LyftRestylane Silk and Radiesse. Also, to decrease wrinkles and sagging on the face and around the eyes, many men come to us for Thermage CPTInfini and Fraxel Repair Laser Treatments.


If you’re not entirely happy with how you look, don’t hesitate to call our office for a complimentary consultation. We’ll try to help you look and feel your best.


See you soon.


Easy Spring Refreshers

When the weather changes here in New York, you can see a visible change in people. They don’t hunch from the cold, they look up instead of down, they smile. Something about warmer temperatures makes us relax a little and feel better. Usually, we feel energized and recharged this time of year, when it’s not too cold and not too hot, either.


Why not celebrate spring with a few quick invigorators that will help you look rested and revitalized after a long winter. These treatments may be the perfect way to transition from spring to summer. Here are a few to consider…


MicrodermabrasionA convenient nonsurgical treatment, microdermabrasion rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin. It’s painless and effective, helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne, clogged pores, blemishes, dry skin, oily skin and other conditions on your face, neck, chest, arms, elbows, knees and even hands. Microdermabrasion may be used on light or dark skin, with outstanding results. It not only exfoliates the skin’s surface, but also promotes new cell growth in the basal, or deepest layer of the skin. It also stimulates collagen production, improving the skin’s texture.


Clear + Brilliant: This treatment uses the same noninvasive fractional laser technology developed by the makers of Fraxel. It helps erase early signs of photo-damage, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and large pores. Also, it’s gentler on your skin than most other lasers and may be used on many areas of your body, including your hands, legs, face, neck, back, chest and arms.


Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal is a safe, convenient and long-lasting treatment that gets rid of the hassles of traditional techniques such as shaving, plucking and waxing.


BotoxEvery day, as you use your face to show expression, “dynamic” wrinkles form. Worry lines, frown lines, laugh or smile lines, crow’s feet–these are all caused by common movements. Botox injections can safely and effectively soften the lines and reduce wrinkles.


Call us today to schedule your summer pick-me-up. See you soon.

The Liquid Facelift: Instant Happiness

Not many people are happy about lines, wrinkles, sagging skin or a tired appearance. Among the top nonsurgical anti-aging treatments, the Liquid Facelift can offer instant results for these concerns, plumping up your droopy spots and restoring a youthful contour to your face.


With injectable fillers, we can take years off of your appearance. Targeting your temples, brows, upper eyelids, under-eye areas, cheeks, mouth corners and jowls, we can help to erase the signs of aging, naturally and easily. With expert precision and careful attention to your facial anatomy, we’ll help you look as young and refreshed as possible. Your recovery time will be minimal, too.


Here is how we do it:


Now is a terrific time for a Liquid Facelift. Call our office this week for a consultation, and we’ll devise a special plan just for you.


See you soon.


Rescue Those Aging Eyes

So much of your appearance–how young or old, happy or sad, or refreshed or worn out–begins with your eyes. If you feel you’ve lost the sparkle that you used to have, you’ll be happy to know that we can help.


The delicate skin in this area is extremely thin and becomes thinner with time. Because it contains little subcutaneous fat, it is vulnerable to conditions such as dark circles, bags or swelling, hollowing, and drooping lids and brows. Also, it is especially sensitive to stress from facial movements such as laughing, squinting and frowning, repeated motions that contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet.


Also, the thick collagen network that gives skin structural support begins to break down with time. Your body’s internal processes and external factors such as sun exposure increase the levels of enzymes that break down collagen.


What can help: We have a repertoire of nonsurgical treatments that are safe and effective. Here is a quick run-down:


Dermal fillers, such as BeloteroJuvederm, and Restylane will plump up crow’s feet, lines and wrinkles under the eye and hollowing that may result as we age.


Injectables such as Botox and Dysport will help minimize crow’s feet and lines caused by normal facial expression.


Lasers, including Fraxel RepairFraxel DUAL, Laser Wrinkle Reduction and Clear & Brilliant, will help add smoothness, glow and luminosity to the area around your eyes.


Finally, Microdermabrasion and GentleWaves Photomodulation are two more useful techniques for brightening your eyes by restoring vigor to the delicate skin surrounding them.


We’re confident that all of our treatments will help you look happy and younger and feel that way, too.


Call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation. I’ll develop a treatment plan just for you.


See you soon.


Your Pre-Holiday Beauty Boost

When the calendar flips to November, the holidays aren’t far behind. It’s the season for looking your best, and dramatic results are possible, even in just a few weeks.

There is still time for many quick in-and-out treatments that will make all the difference in your appearance. Instantly, you’ll look fresh and rested, and you’ll feel invigorated, too…just the right recipe for the holiday season.

Here are a few suggestions for the upcoming weeks…

Try a nonsurgical mini facelift that will tighten skin and boost collagen production. With Thermage CPTwe can treat the skin on the eyelids, under-eye areas, abdomen, arms, legs and sagging buttocks. It’s the most effective lift treatment for a multitude of concerns, and the results are dramatic. Or, you can try an Exilis Ultra 360 treatment, which tightens, firms and tones loose and sagging skin and reshapes and melts stubborn fatty deposits anywhere on your face and body. Popular areas treated with Exilis include the face, jowls, neck, “love handles,” “bra fat,” abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Minimize lines and boost volume in your lips with Restylane Kysse, the latest filler for adding shape and definition to your mouth area.

Reduce wrinkles and tighten skin with Infini, a high intensity focused radiofrequency treatment that’s also terrific for minimizing acne scarring.

Restore facial volume with dermal fillers such as VolumaRadiesse and Restylane Lyft. These will reduce hollowness and diminish lines that have formed with age.

Smooth out forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet with Botox or Dysport.

Fill in smile lines, marionette lines or nasolabial folds (lines that stretch from the outer edge of the nostrils to the outer tip of the lips) with Restylane DefyneRestylane RefyneJuvedermRestylane or Radiesse.

All of these quick treatments are nonsurgical, requiring no anesthesia or downtime. You can be back in full swing immediately, looking younger and feeling that way, too.

Call our offices this week to schedule a pre-holiday appointment.

See you soon.


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