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RIGHT LASER at the RIGHT TIME to Correct Skin Problems

Choosing the right laser treatment at the right time can treat a host of skin problems…in fact, just about every problem under the sun.  Age reversing laser treatments have become an integral part of the anti-aging revolution as proven by the thousands of men and women, of all ages, who now include laser procedures in their regular cosmetic/health regimen.

Laser treatments can be fractional ablative or non ablative. Fraxel Re:Pair fractional ablative lasers remove part of the top layer of skin tissue.  Fractional ablative lasers can be powered up or down to increase or decrease penetration.  The deeper the laser penetration, the more dramatic the results will be.  Nonablative lasers penetrate the skin without affecting the outermost layer of skin tissue.

Laser treatment I offer my patients include:  Fraxel Re:Pair, Smartlipo TriPlex, Cellulaze, Clear+Brilliant, Pulsed Dye laser, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Wrinkle Reduction.

THERMAGE CPT…is today’s most effective “lift” treatment (Thermal Lift) for sagging under the eyes, arms, legs, thighs and even the buttocks. Thermage has been featured on Oprah and in many Women’s magazines as the “no downtime non surgical facelift” that tightens the eyelids and under eye areas of the face.

Treatments we do using Thermage CPT also include hand treatments to reduce the excess wrinkling and sagging of skin.  We can also use Thermage CPT to give patients a flatter, smoother tummy, thighs, buttocks, arms and more.

Thermage firms sagging skin, corrects skin laxity and is a very popular treatment today in the war against aging.  Thermage helps to restore youthfulness!


  • ACNE responds well to  pulsed dye lasers.  Often, I use lasers in combo with microdermabrasion and dermal fillers to successfully treat acne and acne scarring.
  • DISCOLORED SCARS can be treated with fractional ablative and non ablative lasers depending upon your condition and goals.  Fraxel lasers, Diolite and IPL are all used for these treatments.
  • VEINS and BLOOD VESSELS are commonly treated with non ablative lasers such as Diolite, pulsed dye or IPL.
  • NORMAL AGING and WRINKLES can be effectively treated with fractional ablative and non ablative lasers depending upon your condition and goals.
  • HAIR REMOVAL is done using laser or IPL treatments.  Several treatments are required to achieve permanent hair reduction because the hair grows in cycles…so treatments are scheduled to address this effectively.
  • SUN SPOTS and FRECKLES are treated with fractional ablative and non ablative lasers…such as Fraxel Dual, Fraxel Re:Pair and Diolite as well as IPL for pigmented lesions.  The lasers attack the pigment to cause “a lightening of the spots” that flake away within a few days.

There are so many more laser treatments that we do at East End Laser Care.  I’ve been expertly performing laser treatments for well over two decades and have witnessed the unbelievable power lasers offer to combat aging, sun damage and so much more.

Spring is finally here…and beach time is not far off.  Are you “Beach Body Ready?”  Let’s talk soon!


Dr. Covey


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