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Category: Brown Spots

How IPL Treatments Tackle Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation


Are you tired of battling persistent redness or struggling to fade those stubborn dark spots? If so, you’re not alone. Rosacea and hyperpigmentation are common skin concerns that can affect confidence and self-esteem. Rosacea, characterized by redness, visible blood vessels, and sometimes acne-like bumps, can be a frustrating condition to manage. Similarly, hyperpigmentation, or dark spots caused by excess melanin production, can be challenging to fade, especially with topical treatments alone. Fortunately, there’s a solution: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy.


Rosacea Relief: IPL effectively reduces redness and the appearance of blood vessels associated with rosacea. The light energy penetrates the skin, targeting hemoglobin (the pigment in red blood cells) and causing the blood vessels to constrict and fade over time. This results in a more even complexion and a significant reduction in redness.


Hyperpigmentation Correction: IPL also addresses hyperpigmentation by targeting melanin, the pigment responsible for dark spots. The light energy is absorbed by the excess melanin, causing it to break down and gradually fade away. With regular IPL sessions, you can achieve a more uniform skin tone and a reduction in the visibility of dark spots.


But the benefits of IPL extend beyond treating specific skin concerns. Here are a few additional advantages:


Non-Invasive: IPL is a non-invasive procedure, meaning there’s no need for incisions or downtime. You can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.


Customizable: IPL treatments are tailored to suit your unique skin type and concerns.


Collagen Stimulation: In addition to targeting redness and pigmentation, IPL stimulates collagen production in the skin. Collagen is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, resulting in a more youthful appearance over time.


Long-lasting Results: While multiple sessions may be required for optimal results, the effects of IPL can be long-lasting with proper skincare maintenance. By protecting your skin from sun exposure and following a consistent skincare routine, you can enjoy clearer, more radiant skin for months to come.


If you’re ready to say goodbye to redness and dark spots, consider incorporating IPL into your skincare regimen.  Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.


See you soon.


Stop the Squinting: Be Smart About the Sun

Herewith, a crash course in U’s and V’s…or, in other words, how sunny is it and what do I need to do about it?


The Ultraviolet index is a measurement of the strength of UV radiation at a particular time and place. It’s a standard scale used around the globe, with a range of 0 to 11.

  •  0-2: This is considered low danger, but the Environmental Protection Agency recommends sunglasses and broad spectrum SPF 30+ protection. Also, avoid bright surfaces (sand, water) that can reflect and intensify UV rays.
  • 3-5: Moderate danger. Seek shade during the height of the sun, at midday. Wear protective clothing, hat, sunscreen if outdoors, and reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  • 6-7: High risk. Reduce time in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Follow protective measures as above.
  • 8-10: Very high risk. Follow above.
  • 11+: Extreme. Avoid the sun or if you have to be outside, follow the above.


As we know, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause early wrinkling and brown spots, and puts you at risk for skin cancer. While most of us enjoy being outside in the summer, not many of us really want to have old-looking skin, or illness. Staying safe while spending time in the sun is an easy thing to do. It may just require a little extra awareness and preparation on your part. Remember, tanned skin is damaged skin…and who wants that.


Here is some more specific information for protecting your skin and keeping you looking young, beautiful and healthy, particularly when the UV rays are at their most dangerous.

  • Stay indoors between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the burning rays of the sun are at their height. There are two types: UVA rays cause aging and wrinkles and contribute to skin cancer. UVB rays cause sunburn and skin cancer.
  • Go nowhere without sunscreen:
    • More is better, so don’t scrimp. Make sure that it has a SPF of 30 or higher and it says   “broad spectrum” on the label, which means that it will handle both UVA and UVB rays. Also, be sure that it is water-resistant, and that you apply it all over your body 15 to 30   minutes before leaving the house.
    • Use sunscreen even when it is cloudy outside, when you are driving in a car and inside a window. UVA rays penetrate clouds, glass and water, so when you’re swimming, make sure to apply plenty of waterproof sunscreen.
    • If you wear foundation, apply the sunscreen first and let it absorb before continuing with your makeup.
    • Don’t forget the lip balm. SPF 15 or more is best.
    • And, don’t forget the tops of your ears, hairline, the “V” of your chest, nose, hands and tops of your feet. Eighty percent of skin cancer occurs on the head, neck and hands.
  • Wear protective clothing, including hats, sleeves and sunglasses. Dark, tightly woven fabrics provide more protection than lightly colored ones.
  • Be aware that umbrellas and shade trees do only so much. They give moderate protection from ultraviolet light, and they don’t protect you from light that is reflected off of sand, snow, concrete and other surfaces.
  • Avoid tanning oils. These essentially cook your skin.
  • Be conscious of your medications. Certain medicines can make your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure, including tetracycline, diuretics and even herbal formulations such as St. John’s Wort.


If you suspect that you have sun damage, call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll suggest specific treatments that can help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and brown spots.


See you soon.



Beauty Time for New Moms

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are rough on your body, causing skin and shape issues that perhaps, you’ve never experienced before. Some of you may not be feeling like your old self, which can be disconcerting. So, after you’ve settled in to this new phase of life, it could be time to correct some of these concerns.


It’s not uncommon for young mothers to notice skin and stomach issues such as acne, acne scarring, melasma (darkened facial skin), cellulite, unwanted fat, unwanted hair growth, prominent facial blood vessels, loose skin, brown spots and stretch marks.


You may feel that you don’t have the time or energy to take care of yourself, or that doing so is too indulgent. But, feeling and looking as great as you can is critical for your self-esteem and general well-being at this exciting time.


Here are conditions that new moms often face and treatments that work well to minimize then and help you feel more like yourself in the process.



We can help you figure out a treatment plan that will help minimize some of these conditions. Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


See you soon.


Do it Now: Ideal Winter Treatment #2

Next on my “Spring Ahead” plan are the Fraxel treatments–Dual and Repair. Since it’s easier to avoid the sun during January and February and the treatments take some weeks for optimal results to appear, wintertime is prime time for Fraxel.


The Fraxel Dual laser is the gold standard for laser skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. Exposure to the sun, air pollution, stress, fatigue, smoking and other life and age-related challenges take a toll. The safe and effective Fraxel laser minimizes the effects of these stressors, revealing youthful, fresh-looking skin. Pigmentation, scarring and lines will be diminished, and poor skin texture and tone will be reversed.


The Fraxel Repair laser has all of the benefits of the Dual treatment, and it has the ability to tighten skin, too. The most advanced laser system available, Fraxel Repair is the procedure of choice for deep lines, hard-to-erase lip lines, pronounced photodamage, sagging face and neck skin, facial wrinkles and discolorations, rough skin texture, and acne and surgical scars.


Both lasers target just the affected areas, so the surrounding skin tissue is left untouched and your body’s natural healing process is accelerated.


The clock has a way of ticking quickly after the holidays. Soon, we’ll be talking about bikinis and sunscreen. So, while the time is right, call my office to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about my Spring Ahead plan for staying ahead and staying beautiful.


See you soon.

Out, Spot!

Some blemishes can make you feel as bad as Lady Macbeth did, but fortunately, some spots can be banished.


Dark spots and blotchy patches, whether brown, red or pink, large or small, are all classified as hyperpigmentation. Meaning, simply, extra pigment, dark skin discoloration can appear anywhere on your body. Typically, sun exposure and aging are to blame.


Various types of hyperpigmentation can emerge, due to different triggers, and we have treatments for all of them. Take a look below at which type you may have…


Melasma: Look for light to medium brown discoloration, usually on the cheeks, sides of your face, upper nose, forehead and lips. You may see splotchy patches in irregular sizes and shapes. Often, melasma appears when you are pregnant or have just gone through childbirth (it’s sometimes called “The Mask of Pregnancy”). A hormone surge during these times can cause the changes in your skin. Combined with excessive sun exposure, the effects may be pronounced.


            Our treatment: Fraxel Dual Laser


Sunspots, Age/Liver Spots: These are light to dark brown in color, and appear on the face, chest and hands. Usually, they are small and flat and caused by sun exposure.


            Our treatment: Fraxel Dual Laser, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Diolite


PIH: Look for flat pink, red or brown spots on the face. If you’ve had inflammatory acne, you may be prone to this sort of hyperpigmentation.


            Our treatment: Light salicylic acid chemical peels


Freckles: You may notice small brown, red or black spots on your face, chest or arms. Sometimes, they appear quickly, after a long day in the sun, even with sunscreen.


            Our treatment: Fraxel Dual Laser, IPL, Diolite


Facial Blood Vessels: Vascular lesions, commonly called “spider veins” are extra blood vessels that are superficially located in the skin. Often, the skin of cheeks, chin and forehead appear red.


            Our treatment: Diolite, IPL


Our best advice for minimizing spots, of course, is to stay clear of the sun and wear sunscreen–and more sunscreen–every time that you go out, even when it’s cloudy.


For a specialized treatment plan crafted just for you, call our office for a complimentary consultation.


See you soon.

Here Comes The Sun: Time To Get Ready

shutterstock_243777118Living close to the beach requires discipline. That may seem like a strange statement, given how relaxed and casual the environment is here. But when it comes to your skin–and wrinkles, dark spots and melanoma–you need a serious regimen.


Since just last month, the UV (harmful ultraviolet radiation) index for Long Island has increased one level. In two weeks, it will jump two more, followed by another in May and again in June. (Click here for a map of UV averages around the country)


Now is the time to put your sun protection plan in place, if you haven’t done so already. It is easy to do if you simply make it part of your daily routine. Here is what I recommend:


Think 30: Every day, whether you are going to the beach or not, and even when it is cloudy, apply a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or above. Use it on your face before you put on makeup and on the exposed parts of your body. You may choose a moisturizer formulated specifically for the face and another just for your body, or you may use the same for both. If you are at the beach, where the rays are intensified, remember to reapply after two hours or after swimming or perspiring.


Search for Shade: Sun damage is cumulative, so every minute spent out of dangerous rays will help your skin stay young-looking and healthy. So, avoid the sun when you can, at all costs–cross to the shady side of the street, sit under the umbrella on the restaurant patio, carry an umbrella in your purse.


Beware the Bewitching Hours: The sun is strongest between 10 am and 2 pm, so do what you can to avoid it during this time.


Hats On: Go for a wide brim, and make sure that it covers the back of your neck, too. Make wearing other protective clothing a habit, too, such as sunglasses and long sleeves. Keep a basket of summer sun gear in your car, as you would a fleece throw in the winter.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to help you look and feel your best.


Refresh Your Face for Fall Holidays with Fraxel

One of the best options to rejuvenate your skin for Fall is with a FRAXEL laser treatment. You’ll love your smooth, clear complexion that radiates a youthful glow. Available in three different strengths, FRAXEL lasers offer a versatile, effective treatment option that provides the best non surgical results:

  1. CLEAR + BRILLIANT is a great option if you are new to laser treatments. It is the most gentle of the 3 lasers and is still effective at the early signs of aging.
  2. FRAXEL DUAL effectively addresses more moderate aging concerns. You can experience a remarkably more youthful appearance without any downtime.
  3. FRAXEL REPAIR penetrates deeper into the dermis to stimulate the rebuilding of collagen. It is the most intense of the 3 lasers, but requires fewer treatments to see rejuvenating results more quickly. Results are amazing and recovery is more of a “social downtime;” it is minimal, especially compared to the stronger chemical peels and surgical alternatives.


What is on your Fall beauty wish list? I’m sure some of these issues that can be treated with FRAXEL lasers are on there:

  • Age & Sun Spots pop up with exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. These brown patches plague the face and body with an aged look. FRAXEL lasers can lighten this pigmentation to restore clear, bright, and even toned skin.
  • Skin Resurfacing restores the smooth texture, tightness, color, and brightness that diminishes over the years. While most treatments only address the externally affected skin, FRAXEL lasers resurface your skin from the inside out. They can reverse skin damage created by exposure to the sun, air pollution, stress, and fatigue. Harmful lifestyle factors can also cause the skin to lose its radiance, such as smoking, poor diet, and dehydration.
  • Wrinkles and lines that age the face can creep in as early as mid 2os, but usually are more noticeable starting in the 30s. They only get deeper with years of expression and muscle movement, reduced cellular turnover and increased moisture loss. Amazingly, FRAXEL lasers actually stimulate collagen rebuild and therefore the skin acts younger and tighter, reducing wrinkles.
  • Acne and Surgical Scars can mature the face years beyond natural age by causing an uneven, rough texture to the surface. In addition to being bumpy or pitted, the skin can be discolored.
  • Actinic Keratosis is a medical condition caused by pre-cancerous skin cells. More professionals are turning to FRAXEL lasers to help treat these scaly or crusty growths, and to provide relief for thousands of people.
  • Melasma presents as dark blotches caused by the hormonal changes in women’s bodies throughout the stages of life. Melasma is commonly associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding, oral contraceptives, or hormone replacement therapy. These dark brown spots are different than sun damage. FRAXEL can lighten melasma anywhere, but it most commonly appears on the forehead, lower cheeks, nose, and upper lip.

Refresh your face with FRAXEL and be ready for the social holiday season coming soon! Visit to learn more and schedule a consultation to see which FRAXEL laser is best for you.


Dr. Covey

Farewell Freckles, Hello Clear Skin

Unless you’ve been very careful to avoid sunlight or always wear cover ups, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen, you’re probably noticing you’ve picked up at least a few more freckles by this point in the summer. These brown sun spots occur as a result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This pigmentation is a major cause of visible aging. Blotchy, uneven skin tone makes the skin have a weathered appearance when contrasted with the clear, even toned complexion of youth.

We use the most advanced treatments for all different kinds of pigmentation and  skin types. Here are some of my top picks:


Lasers generate an intense beam of light that destroys the unwanted cells in the affected area, leaving only healthy cells behind. If you or someone you know has had a laser treatment for pigmentation in the past, don’t worry, Diolite is NOT like the older lasers that were painful and left behind blistered and crusty skin. Revolutionary Diolite is gentle, precise and controlled. With the Diolite laser, we can direct the light to the treatment area only, which leaves the surrounding tissue intact.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light ) Treatment

IPL is a breakthrough, age defying photorejuvenation procedure that quickly, effectively, and non-invasively treats skin damage. Pulsed-light systems treat pigmentation very similarly to lasers. IPL is a versatile treatment to correct all kinds of facial skin imperfections and signs of aging, such as rosacea (facial inflammation), sun spots, vascular lesions, and acne scarring.  It can safely treat any area (face, neck, chest, hands, legs, etc.) except the delicate thin skin around the eyes. Photorejuvenation offers long-term results without any downtime, recovery time or chemicals, and IPL is the “The Gold Standard” for photorejuvenation.


GentleWaves is a non-thermal, low intensity light-emitting diode treatment that uses a carefully timed sequence of emissions to activate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. Unlike laser treatments that can cause a snapping sensation, GentleWaves treatments are entirely painless. Youth restoring results are more gradual with patients reporting noticeable changes as early as after 5 to 7 treatments, which can be done on a weekly basis.


Fraxel laser treatments offer the most advanced technology for improving skin’s radiance and youthfulness. Depending on  the intensity of the treatment you need, you can choose from Fraxel re:pair, Fraxel DUAL or Clear & Brilliant.  All the Fraxel lasers are state of the art devices, each with their own advantages. You can check out this month’s newsletter for more information about Fraxel laser treatments.

With so many options, there’s no reason you can’t say farewell to your freckles and skin discoloration, and say hello to that youthful glow. Visit or call to find out which treatment is best for your skin.


Dr. Covey

RIGHT LASER at the RIGHT TIME to Correct Skin Problems

Choosing the right laser treatment at the right time can treat a host of skin problems…in fact, just about every problem under the sun.  Age reversing laser treatments have become an integral part of the anti-aging revolution as proven by the thousands of men and women, of all ages, who now include laser procedures in their regular cosmetic/health regimen.

Laser treatments can be fractional ablative or non ablative. Fraxel Re:Pair fractional ablative lasers remove part of the top layer of skin tissue.  Fractional ablative lasers can be powered up or down to increase or decrease penetration.  The deeper the laser penetration, the more dramatic the results will be.  Nonablative lasers penetrate the skin without affecting the outermost layer of skin tissue.

Laser treatment I offer my patients include:  Fraxel Re:Pair, Smartlipo TriPlex, Cellulaze, Clear+Brilliant, Pulsed Dye laser, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Wrinkle Reduction.

THERMAGE CPT…is today’s most effective “lift” treatment (Thermal Lift) for sagging under the eyes, arms, legs, thighs and even the buttocks. Thermage has been featured on Oprah and in many Women’s magazines as the “no downtime non surgical facelift” that tightens the eyelids and under eye areas of the face.

Treatments we do using Thermage CPT also include hand treatments to reduce the excess wrinkling and sagging of skin.  We can also use Thermage CPT to give patients a flatter, smoother tummy, thighs, buttocks, arms and more.

Thermage firms sagging skin, corrects skin laxity and is a very popular treatment today in the war against aging.  Thermage helps to restore youthfulness!


  • ACNE responds well to  pulsed dye lasers.  Often, I use lasers in combo with microdermabrasion and dermal fillers to successfully treat acne and acne scarring.
  • DISCOLORED SCARS can be treated with fractional ablative and non ablative lasers depending upon your condition and goals.  Fraxel lasers, Diolite and IPL are all used for these treatments.
  • VEINS and BLOOD VESSELS are commonly treated with non ablative lasers such as Diolite, pulsed dye or IPL.
  • NORMAL AGING and WRINKLES can be effectively treated with fractional ablative and non ablative lasers depending upon your condition and goals.
  • HAIR REMOVAL is done using laser or IPL treatments.  Several treatments are required to achieve permanent hair reduction because the hair grows in cycles…so treatments are scheduled to address this effectively.
  • SUN SPOTS and FRECKLES are treated with fractional ablative and non ablative lasers…such as Fraxel Dual, Fraxel Re:Pair and Diolite as well as IPL for pigmented lesions.  The lasers attack the pigment to cause “a lightening of the spots” that flake away within a few days.

There are so many more laser treatments that we do at East End Laser Care.  I’ve been expertly performing laser treatments for well over two decades and have witnessed the unbelievable power lasers offer to combat aging, sun damage and so much more.

Spring is finally here…and beach time is not far off.  Are you “Beach Body Ready?”  Let’s talk soon!


Dr. Covey


Hot Cosmetic Trends for Men in 2014

shutterstock_85362907Today’s Men are clearly in on having anti aging cosmetic procedures!  My male clientelle is growing by leaps and bounds the same as others across the nation. There are a few differences between men’s demands and those of our female patients.  Basically, Men want to look younger, more energetic and healthy simply because they want to…and because the competitive career market today demands that men and women look good.  Our society equates looking good with youthfulness, thus the tremendous upsurge in age defying cosmetic treatments this past decade.  Men also want their treatments to be “subtle”…they simple don’t want anyone else to know they’re having Botox® (Brotox) treatments for a smoother, younger looking face.  Men want “in and out” no downtime options.  That means treatments like Botox with reduced redness, swelling and bruising. (Be sure you use only a Certified Expert Injector).

We offer many Men’s anti aging cosmetic treatments that are safe and effective without surgery…that’s right no knife, no cutting and no downtime.


  • American Board of Plastic Surgery reports Male cosmetic treatments are up by 258% over 10 years
  • Men are opting for more laser treatments to promote health and youthfulness
  • Rhinoplasty, Hair Removal and Blepharoplasty (for the eyes) is still at the top
  • Botox (Brotox), Hyaluronic Acid Fillers e.g. Juvederm, Restylane etc for lines and wrinkles and stressed look removal
  • Microdermabrasion for skin resurfacing reveals younger, healthier skin, removes scars, sun damage and discoloration
  • Men are starting cosmetic treatments at younger ages and then maintaining on a regular basis
  • The Millenials treat cosmetic anti aging procedures as part of their regular health regimen
  • Cosmetic treatments for men and women of the younger generations are the “New Beauty Economics”
  • The stigma for men and cosmetic treatments is gone…men are in the deal to stay
  • I offer non surgical alternatives to surgical procedures

Ok, we have the treatments and they work.  But preventive measures are important too.  Here are a few that can really make a difference in your quest for anti aging:

  1. Start now and do these the rest of your life to make a difference
  2. SKIN CARE is critical at every age.  To maintain healthy skin keep well hydrated, including your facial skin.  Yes, men need good skin hydration and protection against harmful environmental agents.
  3. Use Sunscreen – UVA and UVB rays are responsible for 90% of the early signs of facial aging
  4. Stress…manage it or it will manage you!  Daily stressors contribute to acne, facial lines and grooves especially around the eyes.
  5. Exercise for Stress Reduction.  Go to the gym and workout, ski, swim, bike etc to get the blood flowing and strengthen those heart muscles.
  6. Maintain a “healthy” diet.  Get rid of the junk food.  Instead, eat raw vegetables, fruits, good oils, drink at lest 64 ounces of water daily, eat more fish etc.
  7. Sleep is critical to good overall health.  Lack of adequate sleep shows up in facial aging.
  8. Live a Healthy Lifestyle.  Don’t smoke, limit alcohol consumptions, get over the party life and into a daily healthy routine.
  9. Visit my website for info on procedures/products:

This post is an overview of future articles I’ll write educating on the procedures I offer to both men and women.  Look for great info as we go through 2014… helping you to be your very best!

Dr. Covey

HYPERPIGMENTATION…those dreaded discolored skin spots and blotches!

Hyperpigmentation is a problem in the U.S.  Caused by excess melanin production that results in dark spots and patchy skin, it is correctable.  But stopping it requires diligent use of the right skin care products and clinical treatments.  Read on for more info on the causes and treatment options.


BIRTH CONTROL and HORMONE THERAPIES   Many doctors see a direct correlation between the use of birth control and hormone replacement therapy to developing hyperpigmentation.  The increased usage of both treatments in the US is well documented along with the onset of skin hyperpigmentation for those involved in these medical treatments.

SUNSCREEN NON USAGE   Sunscreen should be used all year around but not every American wears sunscreen daily.  Tanning is another known contributor to the rise of hyperpigmentation. 

CERTAIN DISEASES are proven to affect skin tone.  Diabetes in particular among older women often causes skin discoloration, especially on the neck.

POPULATION CHANGES amplify hyperpigmentation since it occurs more often in those ethnic groups with greater numbers of natural genetic pigment producing skin cells. 


 Brown, red or pink, small or large clustered or diffuse darkening of the skin.  Any part of the skin that is darker than the rest is hyperpigmented regardless of where it appears.  The importance of using sunscreen daily cannot be overemphasized! 

DISCOLORATION TYPESMelasma, Sunspots (age/liver spots), Freckles, PIH.

To effectively treat it and stop it…recognize each type of hyperpigmentation: 

1)   MELASMA is light to medium brown; occurs on the cheeks, side of face, upper nose, forehead and above the lip.  Look like splotchy patches irregular in shape and size. Caused by a surge in hormones from pregnancy,child birth coupled with excess sun exposure.  TREATMENT:  Retin-A, acid peels, IPL treatments and others.

2)   SUNSPOTS  (age/liver spots)  – Light to dark brown color; on the face, chest and hands.  They are small, flat dark spots caused by the sun.  TREATMENT: Retinol + IPL Fractional laser treatments.

3)   PIH – Pink, red or brown flat spots on the face caused by inflammatory acne.  TREATMENTS: Light salicylic acid chemical peels and red light or blue light treatments.

4)   FRECKLES are light to dark brown or red or black spots, small and concentrated on the face, chest and arms. TREATMENTS: Fraxel or Yag laser.

Also understand that pigmentation occurs in cycles.  Sometimes discoloration occurs instantly while in other cases it occurs over two to four weeks.  Aging affects skin discoloration as the melanin is unevenly distributed.  I see patients all the time seeking treatment for their spots. For complete treatment info see “spots” on my website: I use include:  IPL, Diolite, Fraxel laser, Gentle waves)

MEN and COSMETIC TREATMENTS … Men are just as quick to have cosmetic treatments as are women.  For example; Botox for male treatments is called Brotox.  Men of all ages and stages are having cosmetic treatments in order to stay competitive in their careers and simply because they want to look good.  Some popular men’s options include:  Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant, Laser Hair removal, Blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelids), Brotox, Injectable facial fillers,  microdermabrasion and more.  Men want quick fixes, or “in and out” no downtime options.  We have these options and our male clientelle is growing weekly!  The outdated stigma is gone as proven by the increasing numbers of men who are aging more youthfully! 

I offer my patients only the safest, most effective non surgical, anti aging options available today.  You can look and feel your absolute best!  Let’s talk soon.

Dr. Covey





Clear + Brilliant Laser Skin Treatment is Clearly Effective!


If you’ve tried all the creams, lotions, soaps and scrubs and you’re looking for a simple yet effective treatment to restore natural glow and youthfulness to your skin…Clear + Brilliant Laser Skin treatments may be right for you.

CLEAR + BRILLIANT has become the perfect, powerful complement to beauty regimens of scores of patients everywhere.

 My patients know that adding Clear + Brilliant Laser Skin treatments to their regular skin care regimen can be effective at any age. Gen Xer’s are leading the charge with today’s “In and Out” procedures to address the early signs of aging.  In fact, most start anti aging treatments during their 30’s as part of their regular healthcare program.  They know, as we do, that “Celebrities” start early with age defying treatments, they maintain them and they always look several years younger.  Many of them are adding Clear + Brilliant laser treatments to their Armamentarium.


Here are just a few reasons:

1)   Prevents and treats the signs of aging

2)   Unique technology addresses existing and prevents future signs of aging

3)   Illuminates your skin tone

4)   Corrects photo damage, sun damage, fine lines/wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and large pores

5)   Newest, gentlest laser for skin treatments

6)   Also treats face, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs and back

7)   Enhances the effectiveness of your regular skin care regimen

8)   Recovers the glow, luminosity and smoothness for the healthy, glowing skin you deserve!

9)   Treatments require about 30 minutes, are comfortable and get real results!

Advanced, precision smart-tip technology delivers unparalleled results at the hands of an expert laser user.  Dr. Covey and select staff are trained, experienced, certified and trustworthy laser experts.  KNOW BEFORE YOU GO…WHO’S SHOOTING YOUR LASER.


Well, I get asked this question many times every week.  My answer is this:  If you are seeking dramatic correction for skin problems, then no, it probably is not for you.  I would recommend Fraxel® or Thermage®.  But, if you like the way your skin looks; don’t require much correction, and want to “boost” your existing program…with little added time involved, this treatment could help you keep a fresh, youthful appearance for years. See my website for complete info: york.


·      Don’t smoke

·      Eat nutritious living foods

·      Drink plenty of pure water

·      Minimize alcohol consumption

·      Wash your skin gently

·      Moisturize skin regularly

·      Use sun protection

·      Get enough sleep…regularly

 Today’s lasers have taken skin care to a new level. It is one of today’s most popular non invasive treatments because advanced technology is comfortable, safe and effective unlike older laser technology.   Questions?  Contact me and let’s chat.

 My goal for my blogs is to update and educate you about today’s non invasive (non surgical) anti aging beauty options.  At East End Laser we are proud of being able to offer our patients the newest, most advanced and safest yet most effective options.

Best Wishes for a Beautiful, Healthy 2014 to You and Yours, 

Alexander Covey M.D.












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