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Monthly Archives: March 2014


When injectable fillers first made their debut they were used exclusively to fill in facial folds.  Today fillers are used for much more.  They replace volume and reposition the skin to add volume, actually lift folds, smooth out lines and wrinkles and take years off an aging face…instantly and with longer lasting results from advanced formulas.

TODAY’S INJECTABLES DO PREVENT LINES and WRINKLES and they LIFT SAGGING SKIN!  shutterstock_62411647They are truly amazing and they do achieve either instant or gradual and subtle results.

PRIMER on INJECTABLES:   It’s important to understand how aging affects certain areas of your face and what options are best suited to correct the aging such as:

  • CROW’S FEET are fine lines that start at the outer corner of the eyes and extend out.  These are caused by muscle activity.  We correct them using BOTOX or DYSPORT (neurotoxins).
  • DROOPY BROWS are caused by excessive brow movement and can cause loss of the natural eyebrow arch resulting in a heavy appearance.  BOTOX or DYSPORT can lift the eyebrows to their natural, youthful position.
  • TEAR TROUGHS and HOLLOWS start below the bridge of the nose and lower eyelid, extending downward toward the cheek.  RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM or BELOTERO safely treats these areas.
  • CHEEKS, TEMPLES and JAWLINES … As fat diminishes with aging, these areas commonly sag and appear shallow.  I use NEW VOLUMA XC, RADIESSE, PERLANE, RESTYLANE or JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS to restore natural youthfulness.
  • NASOLABIAL FOLDS are lines extending downward from the bottom of the nose to the outer corners of the lips and are caused by fat that has shifted due to normal aging.  RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM, PERLANE, RADIESSE or BELOTERO corrects these unwelcome folds!
  • LIPS...Over time your lips can become thin, flat and lose their youthful shape and fullness.  Great lip plumpers include: JUVEDERM, RESTYLANE, PERLANE or BELOTERO.

FILLERS and INJECTABLES  are one of our most requested anti aging, age defying treatments today…for men and women, because they offer quick results with minimal downtime.  However, there is some misleading information out there about what they can and cannot do.  This false information causes much confusion, and I plan to address this in my next few blogs.  Look for that next time.

My Best to You and Yours,

Dr. Covey


For the Body of your Dreams…. Get “Body Sculpted”

My last couple blogs focused on Body Reshaping and an overview of a few of the amazing tools I employ to achieve my patients’ goals.  Body Sculpting, Refining, Reshaping and Body Contouring (interchangeable terms) is so popular among Baby Boomers, GenX and the Millennials today…thus the reason for my stayed focus on it.  Body Reshaping is safe and effective…is used for various body areas…and it is here to stay.

BodyChanging the size, profile or parameters of the anatomy and refining those areas is what Body Sculpting is all about. There are various methods used for achieving the “perfect body” or “body of your dreams.”




  • To tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loss
  • Restore a PrePregnancy Body after Childbirth
  • Tighten up loose, saggy skin and remove excess fat pockets
  • Eliminate unwelcome Cellulite and “dimples” it causes
  • Be able to wear stylish clothing of your choice
  • Sculpt a healthy, trim, firm and contoured body
  • Achieve the “refined” body they’ve always wanted
  • Restore self confidence and boost self esteem
  • Look as fabulous and healthy as you feel!

WHEN IS A GOOD TIME TO HAVE BODY SCULPTING DONE?  This is the most frequent questions I get from patients.  MY ANSWER:

This answer will vary with each patient since no two people are the same.  But, you should be in good general health, and at a stable weight…for at least three months before starting on your personalized treatment program.  Continuing a healthy, active lifestyle and weight management is critical to enjoying your long term results.

THE GOAL OF ALL BODY SCULPTING/CONTOURING is to achieve balance and harmony for the entire body.  Thus, treating the body “as a whole” and never as isolated parts.

Since, patients often choose multiple body areas for refining, a combination of treatments may be required to accomplish the desired goals.


SMARTLIPO TRIPLEXTM  for Body Sculpting. .  It involves removing unwanted fat from body areas that have resisted even the strictest diet and most rigorous workouts. SmartLipo accomplishes more than liposuction with less invasiveness and amazing precision!

Other treatments are often used in combo with liposuction/lipolysis for the neck, jawline, inner arms, men’s breasts, abs and love handles, women’s bra fat (overhang) inner/outer thighs, inner knees, chin, hips, buttocks, pubic mound, back of neck, such as skin tightening using Exilis, Mesotherapy or Cellulaze etc. See my website for more info on these amazing options:

EXILIS offers the newest advances in non surgical skin tightening to reduce unwanted inches and to lift and contour sagging skin anywhere on your body!  CELLULAZE LASER treatments attack cellulite where it originates…under the skin. One treatment can result in smoother skin on your abs, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms and anywhere cellulite occurs.

Every generation today is concerned with anti aging!  So, treatments are geared to turning back the clock…today’s Filler FaceLifts take years off an aging face by restoring youthfulness.  New Voluma, Botox, Juvederm, Belotero, Dysport, Perlane, Radiesse and Restylane injectables eliminate and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Laser treatments remove age/sun spots, acne and more, and are part of safe, effective treatments patients choose daily to slow down the signs of aging.

Call soon for your consultation and let’s get started on your Body Refining and age defying program!

Helping You Be Your Very Best,

Dr. Covey

Eliminate Cellulite, Get Sculpted and Get Better Buttocks!

NIP CELLULITE in the BUTTOCKS! !  Your buttocks are one of the favorite places for cellulite to call home.  I’m sure you know how stubborn Cellulite can be, regardless of a clean diet and rigorous workouts.  Women, in particular, are plagued by cellulite taking up residence in various areas of the body.  The buttocks are one of those places. CELLULAZE is a powerful laser treatment that reduces cellulite by attacking it under the skin in the structural tissues responsible for making cellulite.  CELLULAZE employs energy to heat up and cut the fibrous bands beneath the skin that cause the ugly dimpling.  One treatment offers immediate improvement with continued improvement for months and long term results.

WOMEN TODAY WANT BETTER BUTTOCKS!   Women who are into Body Sculpting and Refinement want their buttock area to look its absolute best. The concern is with shape, size and positioning.  They are smart and understand that diet and exercise alone will not get it.  Today’s amazing treatments include fat melting and skin tightening lasers that can achieve your perfect silhouette.  Read on to learn about other body shaping options in high demand today.

MESOTHERAPY … BREAKTHROUGH, NON SURGICAL THERAPY TO GET RID OF UNWANTED FAT and CELLULITE!  I am specialized and certified in this revolutionary treatment, having received my training from the worlds most renowned Mesotherapists:  Dr. Jacques Le Coz (Paris) and Dr. Patricia Ritters  (South America).  See the bullets below for the benefits you get:

·      Improved blood flow to the treatment area

·      Excess fat deposits are dissolved

·      Fibrotic, hardened connective tissue is removed

·      Lymphatic drainage is improved

·      Removes fat from fat cells

·      Can be used wherever Cellulite exists

·      Involves no surgery, no downtime, no discomfort

·      Injection formulations are a combination of medicines, vitamins and amino acids, delivered into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin).

Mesotherapy is the home run treatment for fat and cellulite removal!

See: for more info on Mesotherapy.

Effectively dealing with fat and cellulite is part of successful body sculpting and shaping.  I’ve just given you overviews on a few more top treatments to deal with these issues.


Bikini season is coming!!  

Are you ready to put your best body forward?


Let’s talk soon and design your personalized treatment plan.  Now is the time to start creating the “body of your dreams!” 

                    Dr. Covey











Now is the time to get your “beach body” in shape again.  shutterstock_49320346

Body sculpting, contouring and refining is one of our most in demand procedures for both men and women.  This blog enhances previous blogs by pulling together information about 3 powerful treatments that can “sculpt a better body” with results in only one treatment…and refinement continuing over time.



It is the most exciting non surgical technology available for redefining the face and body. Look at these benefits:

·      No surgery, no anesthesia, no downtime!

·      FDA approved most advanced radio frequency energy to tighten loose skin, melt stubborn fat, resculpt body/facial contours

·      Correct amount of thermal energy delivered safely/effectively

·      Face, Jowls, Neck, Chest, Back, Love Handles, Bra Fat, Abdomen, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks and Knees…are the most popular areas being treated today.

EXILIS is one of many excellent treatments I offer that have revolutionized the fight against fat and cellulite.

Beautiful Body Sculpting and Refined Body Contouring really is possible!

SMARTLIPO TRIPLEXTM is the most advanced (light laser) fat removal system. It actually melts fat, stimulates skin tightening and encourages collagen renewal.  This TriPlex laser employs three wave lengths of light and a tiny cannula the size of a small ballpoint pen tip.  These advances allow for precision fat removal and sculpting in small, hard to get to places that could not be effectively treated with older methods.  Look at the tremendous benefits:

·      Minimally invasive due to small cannula means less swelling, bruising and shorter downtimes

·      Enables precise high definition body sculpting like waistlines/abs

·      Fat is liquefied and removed resulting in smooth contouring

·      TriPlex laser stimulates skin tightening effect

·      Multiple, intelligent delivery systems ensure safest, maximum laser strength

·      Treatments are done in office using local anesthesia

SmartLipo TriPlex offers better results, more effective fat removal, tighter skin and amazing high definition body sculpting. See:


CELLULITE is RELENTLESS!  You can see it on your thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms and other body areas.  Strict diets, rigorous exercise, weight training and high intensity exercises are great for weight loss, weight control and strength building, but they do not eliminate cellulite! Women hate it and wage virtual wars trying to be rid of it! CELLULAZE is the third tool you must know about in your quest for body sculpting, toning, shaping and contouring. 

CELLULAZEtm LASER is the world’s first minimally invasive way of attacking cellulite where it begins…under the skin!  You can have smoother skin on your abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and arms, or anywhere cellulite appears, with just one treatment.

·      Cellulaze is a simple, in office treatment with little to no downtime

·      It melts excess fat under the skin

·      Removes the fibrous band that pulls the skin into dimples

·      Cellulaze stimulates collagen production which thickens skin

·      Uses a very small cannula with Sidelight 3Dtm technology

·      The technology directs laser thermal energy into the treatment zone

·      Lumpy fat pockets are diminished, skin depressions released and skin elasticity and skin thickness improves

·      Some results are seen immediately with ongoing improvement

My patients love Cellulazetm Laser treatments because they get results!  Visit my website for more info:



Let’s talk soon and “design” your own personal treatment plan.  Beach Days will be here soon!


Dr. Covey




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