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Category: Perlane

Go Minimal

People are continuing to choose minimally invasive cosmetic treatments instead of undergoing traditional surgical procedures. The reasons by now are obvious–why endure incisions, anesthesia, pain and long recuperations when you don’t really have to? We, of course, agree wholeheartedly, and make it our mission to provide the latest, most effective and safest state-of-the-art treatments possible.

This past year, 14.2 million minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S., and the ones chosen the most are also some of our most popular. Here’s a Top Four list for 2015:


Botox: 6.7 million procedures were performed, up 1 percent from 2014 and 759 percent since 2000.


Dermal Fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Voluma): 2.4 million procedures were performed, up 6 percent from 2014 and 274 percent since 2000.


Chemical Peels: 1.3 million procedures were performed, up 5 percent from 2014 and 14 percent since 2000.


Laser Hair Removal: 1.1 million procedures were performed, up 52 percent since 2000.


Each of these treatments will make a subtle and natural improvement in your appearance, in very little time. In keeping with our less-is-more philosophy, these popular procedures effectively restore your youthful and vibrant look–and boost confidence, too–without much effort.


If you haven’t seen us for one of these easy treatments, give us a call and schedule your complimentary consultation. We’ll devise a plan tailored just for you.


See you soon.

Midsummer’s Day Dream

Close your eyes and think of one thing about your appearance that you’d like to change. I bet that there is something, since most everybody has a wish list of some kind. The exciting news is that your day dream can probably be a reality.


Whether it is the hollowing of your cheeks that has occurred in the last year or so, or the double chin that persists despite your highly toned body, or those pockets of fat that just won’t go away despite your dieting and exercise, we have solutions that will fulfill your wishes for how you want to look.


Not too long ago, you couldn’t fill lost volume with Restylane, Perlane or Voluma. Or minimize submental fat under your chin with Kybella or eradicate actual fat cells with SmartLipo Triplex. In recent years, cosmetic treatments have given you the opportunity to restore your youthful appearance, appear rested and refreshed and feel simply great about yourself.


So, as summer hits its stride, why not dream a little? It’s a great season to wish for what you want.


Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll talk about your specific wants and desires and help plan a course to satisfy them as best we can.


Meantime, remember the sunscreen.


See you soon.

We Have Big News in the World of Cheeks

One of my favorite things to do is tell you about are new treatments. New treatments that can change the way that you see yourself and feel about yourself.


This week, we are excited to offer a new FDA-approved filler for the cheeks and smile lines. Restylane Lyft does just that–it lifts and adds volume, erasing years from your appearance. Sagging skin and prominent wrinkles virtually disappear after the injection of the hyaluronic acid gel, a natural substance that is already in your body. Restylane Lyft’s synthetic hyaluronic acid refills your natural supply, which may have become depleted with age.


Here is why it works: The molecules that make up the gel are four times larger than its sister product, Restylane. The added size makes the body take longer to break it down, so, it can last longer. Also, Restylane Lyft is placed deeper into the dermis and can fill in folds and wrinkles quickly and with less material.


The result…a natural-looking appearance that says young, young, young.


Call us for a complimentary consultation.


See you soon.

Love Your Body with Speedy Summer Fixes

It may not yet be hot enough for the beach, and if you don’t love how you look in a bathing suit, that is good news. But why not love how you look? Why not embrace the season, the suit and your shape?


It’s time to stop hiding. Body sculpting is minimally invasive, safe and quick. With SmartLipo TriPlex laser treatments, we can remove fat from targeted areas of your body. You’ll see a reduction in inches, smoother and tighter skin and a highly defined new shape.


The treatment is done with local anesthesia in our state-of-the-art office, and is particularly effective for abdomens and waistlines–and for both men and women. You’ll see changes in your body that diet and exercise have failed to produce.  


We can also reduce the cellulite that ruins any good bathing suit. With the Cellulaze laser, we smooth skin on the thighs buttocks, stomach, upper arms–anywhere where bumps and ripples appear. Despite your rigorous exercise, weight training and high-intensity workouts, cellulite sometimes sticks around. The Cellulaze laser attacks it where it begins, under the skin.


Finally, here’s a run-down of some of our other fast treatments for minimizing lines, wrinkles and folds:

  • For crow’s feet and droopy brows: Botox and Dysport
  • For tear troughs and hollows below the lower eyelid: Restylane, Juvederm and Belotero
  • For sagging and shallow cheeks, temples and jawlines: Voluma XC, Radiesse, Perlane, Restylane and Juvederm
  • For nasolabial folds: Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse and Belotero
  • For thin and flat lips: Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Silk and Perlane


Please call our office to schedule a consultation, and see you at the beach.

No More Hollow Cheeks

This week is Halloween and many people will be dressing in costumes of all kinds. Some of the most popular are witches and skeletons. You know what I’ve noticed in the face makeup? That they put dark circles around the eyes and under the cheek bones to hollow them out. Unfortunately, this is already naturally occurring for many people, though much more subtly, and without the need for costume makeup; it’s called volume loss. Over time, the face loses its fullness, and instead appears sunken, hollow, and sagging. Let’s learn how to say goodbye to hollow cheeks on Halloween, and say hello to a full, youthful glow.

Why does “hollow” happen?

  • One of the main causes of volume loss is the damage that ultraviolet rays do to the cells that create the collagen, which is a protein that is crucial to keeping skin full, firm, and youthful.
  • Also, as we age, we lose fat in the face. Fat usually isn’t thought of as our friend, but actually it is necessary for keeping the “cushion” in your face. Fat is important for youthful contouring around eyes, cheeks, and chin/jawline.
  • Up and down weight loss stretches the ligaments that hold up the facial tissue and can result in loss of elasticity and volume.
  • Hormonal changes in women also affect the facial volume. As estrogen levels decline, so does the amount and quality of the fat in the face.

Fixing Volume Loss With Fillers

A great way to restore the fullness to your face is with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body that binds with water in the injected site to plump up the area. It is great for filling in sunken facial areas experiencing volume loss, as well as wrinkles. Realize though, that all fillers aren’t the same in their viscosity and smoothness, and therefore some work better when injected in different areas of the face.

Here are the 4 main “problem areas” of facial volume loss and what fillers could be the solution.

  1. Eye area problem: Drooping eyebrows, sagging under eyes and hollow temples all cause a worn down, aged eye area. Solution: RESTYLANE, PERLANE, JUVEDERM, and BELOTERO can all help fill in sunken tear troughs, crow’s feet, and hollowed temples.
  2. Midface problem: This is one of the first areas where volume loss is noticed. This shows up as flattened, hollow cheeks, or smile lines. Solution: JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC is the thickest hyaluronic acid filler available today, which makes it the most effective for the deeper injections required to effectively contour the midface. By restoring fullness to the midface the surrounding skin is tightened, giving a slight mini facelift.
  3. Mouth area & lip problem: Marionette lines, lip creases, and overall thinning of lips resulting from volume loss. Solution: JUVEDERM, RESTYLANE, PERLANE, and BELOTERO can smooth out lines and give you the perfect pout.
  4. Chin & jawline problem: When volume drops from the middle of the face and moves downward, the jowls become more prominent. This could create a more square shaped face rather than inverted triangle. Solution: RADIESSE, though not a Hyaluronic Acid filler, can help reshape and restore volume to the chin and jawline.

So say goodbye to sunken hollow faces with the witches and skeletons of Halloween, and say hello to your new contoured face with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers. Visit to find out how I can help you.


Dr Covey


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When injectable fillers first made their debut they were used exclusively to fill in facial folds.  Today fillers are used for much more.  They replace volume and reposition the skin to add volume, actually lift folds, smooth out lines and wrinkles and take years off an aging face…instantly and with longer lasting results from advanced formulas.

TODAY’S INJECTABLES DO PREVENT LINES and WRINKLES and they LIFT SAGGING SKIN!  shutterstock_62411647They are truly amazing and they do achieve either instant or gradual and subtle results.

PRIMER on INJECTABLES:   It’s important to understand how aging affects certain areas of your face and what options are best suited to correct the aging such as:

  • CROW’S FEET are fine lines that start at the outer corner of the eyes and extend out.  These are caused by muscle activity.  We correct them using BOTOX or DYSPORT (neurotoxins).
  • DROOPY BROWS are caused by excessive brow movement and can cause loss of the natural eyebrow arch resulting in a heavy appearance.  BOTOX or DYSPORT can lift the eyebrows to their natural, youthful position.
  • TEAR TROUGHS and HOLLOWS start below the bridge of the nose and lower eyelid, extending downward toward the cheek.  RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM or BELOTERO safely treats these areas.
  • CHEEKS, TEMPLES and JAWLINES … As fat diminishes with aging, these areas commonly sag and appear shallow.  I use NEW VOLUMA XC, RADIESSE, PERLANE, RESTYLANE or JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS to restore natural youthfulness.
  • NASOLABIAL FOLDS are lines extending downward from the bottom of the nose to the outer corners of the lips and are caused by fat that has shifted due to normal aging.  RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM, PERLANE, RADIESSE or BELOTERO corrects these unwelcome folds!
  • LIPS...Over time your lips can become thin, flat and lose their youthful shape and fullness.  Great lip plumpers include: JUVEDERM, RESTYLANE, PERLANE or BELOTERO.

FILLERS and INJECTABLES  are one of our most requested anti aging, age defying treatments today…for men and women, because they offer quick results with minimal downtime.  However, there is some misleading information out there about what they can and cannot do.  This false information causes much confusion, and I plan to address this in my next few blogs.  Look for that next time.

My Best to You and Yours,

Dr. Covey


2014 Age Defying Injectable Treatments

Well, we’re already half way through January, 2014 and my patients are still seeking ways to recover from the Holiday’s. In addition to my last two blogs discussing Glow N’Go Post Holiday Skin Rejuvenation and Clear+Brilliant Fraxel Laser treatments, this blog is a brief look at Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Belotero.  All three of these are injectables used to slow down the visible results of aging and restore many years of “youthfulness” to the face. 

BOTOX and Brotox

We all develop worry lines, frown lines, laugh/smile lines and Crow’s feet referred to as “dynamic lines and wrinkles” caused by  muscles in motion.  These lines and wrinkles become more deeply etched into grooves as we age. 

 Botox® Cosmetic has been used for about two decades worldwide in medical treatments and was developed for cosmetic use in more recent years.  Botox is injected into pre targeted areas to block the nerve impulses to the muscles.  simultaneously it smooths out facial wrinkles.

Botox is safe, effective, non invasive (non surgical) and can be done over a lunch hour.

 Brotox is so named for male Botox treatments using the same formula.  Today’s men are having “in and out” cosmetic treatments for career reasons and to look good and be as healthy as possible.

 DYSPORT® is a first cousin or twin to Botox  Dysport is an injectable form of botulinum toxin type A, the same as Botox.  Dysport was first developed in the United Kingdom to treat neurological, ophthalmic and neuromuscular disorders. It was further developed for cosmetic purposes like wrinkle treatments.  It too is one of today’s safe, effective anti aging options.  Here are some of Dyrport’s benefits:

·      No downtime “in and out” lunch hour treatment

·      Results are visible within 2 or 3 days, results are clinically proven to be longer lasting

·      Dysport may be right for you

BELOTERO BALANCE® …for youthfulness that is uniquely you!

Facial youthfulness is lost as we age due to reduced production of HA (hyaluronic Acid) which affects the underlying facial support structure. Belotero is a highly effective injectable that restores these structures naturally.

Belotero is made from non animal based hyaluronic acid and is similar to other fillers such as Restylane® and Perlane®.  Belotero is uniquely formulated to integrate smoothly with your skin for more natural results.  It’s unique properties make it more versatile in correcting deep wrinkles and superficial lines.  It can plump up your lips and smooth out laugh lines, upper lip lines, crow’s feet and marionette lines…discreetly.  With Belotero, people will see a naturally younger looking you that will keep them wondering!

The goal for my blogs is to educate you, update you and encourage you in your quest for a healthy, more youthful aging process.  At East End Laser Care I offer only safe yet advanced alternatives to plastic surgery. My patients have learned that they can “Forget the Knife” by using my preferred treatments.  You can too!


It is most important to choose a trained, certified expert injector for all of your injectable/Botox/Filler treatments.  Please know that more than 100,000 doctors are allowed to perform injectables in the U.S. but only 3% are qualified to do so.  Expert Injectors are endorsed by the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  Buyer Beware!


Best to You and Yours,

Dr. Covey

Quick Treatments for a Healthy Holiday Glow

It’s December again . . .our radios are playing holiday music, our offices are decorated with sparkling tinsel and jingle bells, our Toys For Tots box is filling up (thank you once again for helping us with this very worthy cause) and our patients are rushing in for their pre-holiday touch-ups.

Today was no exception. At least 7 people asked me this morning which treatment can give them the best result in the shortest amount of time. Since so many are asking I thought I’d share my thoughts here.

While almost all of our treatments fit this description, the most popular treatments this time of year are usually Botox/Dysport, Dermal Fillers, Microdermabrasions, chemical peels and facials. Each of these treatments immediately combats the signs of aging leaving you with naturally younger and healthy looking skin.

Botox and Dysport are simple and safe non-surgical injectable treatments that smooth the dynamic wrinkles and erase that “angry” look some have due to forehead wrinkles and creases.  Using very tiny micro-needles, Botox or Dysport is injected right into the muscle causing the wrinkle action. Within 3-10 days your skin smooths out and the wrinkles are diminished – just in time for all those holiday get-togethers.

Dermal fillers, including Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Radiesse, work a little differently. They actually replace volume lost under the skin and are perfect for plumping up your lips, filling in smile lines and giving you back the youthful contours of your face.

Microdermabrasions, chemical peels and other facials are quick refreshing non-surgical treatments that rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Designed specifically for your skin type, these treatments exfoliate your skin, promote new cell growth, clean your pores, stimulate collagen networking and improve your skin’s texture giving you a healthy glow. And they’re relaxing too – something many of our patients look forward to this time of year!

Yes, you CAN look ten years younger instantly!

Do you stand in front of the mirror tugging and pushing at your face trying to pull it back into place? Are sagging jowls, hollow cheeks and furrows between your eyes and around your mouth making you look tired and old? Well, you’re not alone!

As we age we lose important areas of facial fat (collagen) and fibers (elastin) that support the contours of your face. First you notice crow’s feet and smile lines. Then your brow line begins to fall, your jaw line sags and your cheeks, lips and nose areas lose their fullness and your eyes begin to look hollow. You actually deflate and descend as you age!

Joan R. Age 54 Liquid Face Lift (Alexander J. Covey, M.D.)

A Liquid Face Lift instantly replaces the volume and fullness that you lost as you aged. A Liquid Face Lift, also known as RestyLift, VolumaLift and the Instant Injectable Face Lift, is a non-surgical treatment that gently lifts and contours your face helping you look 10 years younger instantly! Using a combination of safe and effective injectables including wrinkle relaxers such as Botox or Dysport and fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and/or Radiesse, I strategically restore the natural curves and contours of your face. One of the greatest benefits to this treatment is that we are not stretching and pulling your skin into place. Instead, a Liquid Face Lift fills in the hollows of your cheeks and under eyes, plumps up your lips,and lifts your sagging jaw line giving you a natural, well-rested, energized and youthful appearance without resorting to surgery.

Click here to see video of Dr. Covey discussing Liquid Face Lift

This amazing treatment for non-surgical volumetric restoration is safe and effective and has quickly become one of our most popular treatments. Looking your best this summer couldn’t be easier! To find out how a Liquid Face Lift can help you, call us at (631) 878-9200 to schedule a FREE consultation.

“Help! I want to look my best. . .”

I frequently get questions from my patients through my newsletter. The following question appeared in the May newsletter and since it is a common question that I get this time of year I thought I’d share it with you. . .

        “Help! I’m 48 years old and my daughter is graduating from high school in June. We’ll be seeing friends and family who we haven’t seen in years and I want to look my best! I have wrinkles around my eyes and mouth and dark spots on my face and hands. Which treatment will help me?” Joanne M., Hauppauge, NY

       Joanne, this is a common question and your treatment options depend on your skin and the type and severity of your wrinkles and brown spots. You may benefit from Thermage CPT, a non-surgical treatment which tightens loose and sagging skin anywhere on your body (including those delicate eyelids). You may also be a good candidate for one of our Fraxel laser treatments which remove brown spots and wrinkles as well as improve the tone and texture of your skin. It is possible that you may benefit most from injectables, such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane or Radiesse which help smooth your wrinkles (including your crow’s feet, the number “11” lines on your forehead and your smile lines) and restore volume to your face.  Plus we offer other laser, light and skin treatments including a combination of treatments that can help you.

Joanne, as you can see there are many options to choose from and coming to our office to be evaluated is the first step in designing a treatment plan that will be best for you.

Call us today toll-free, (855) DRCOVEY, to schedule a complimentary consultation or ask a question.

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