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Category: SmartLipo Triplex Laser system

Stop the Vanity: How to Improve Your Looks, Within Reason

All good things, taken too far, can become, well, not so good. Too much steak, too many luxuries, too much confidence. And in the case of cosmetic treatments, too much fiddling with your natural good looks.


The archetypical theme of “virtue turned to vice” can easily be applied to what we do. Moderation, as it is in so many other areas of our lives, is the key to success, and it is our personal mantra. Often, we find ourselves advising you to restrain from doing too much and instead, take the less-is-more approach.


So, how do you know when you have done just enough to enhance your appearance? Cosmetic treatments are a terrific way to refresh your look and can help you to feel younger, more vibrant and energized. They can be transforming, physically and emotionally. As you consider your options, it’s important to know why you are thinking about having a procedure done. If you are coming to see us because you have a specific concern about a specific area of your body, that is the optimal reason to have treatment. But, if you see this experience as a way to solve other issues in your life–ones that are not directly connected to physical appearance–then you might get those thoughts in order first.


We offer a unique, individualized and thorough consultation that will help us help you determine your reasons for coming to us. (Granted, we are happy to report, most of you seek us out for the very best reasons.) And, we will define for you the likely results so that your expectations are realistic.


So, whether you are a first-time client who is curious about Botox or dermal fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm, or you are a returning client who wants to maintain a fresh and youthful glow, perhaps with a nonsurgical Facelift, or you are someone who is frustrated by extra pounds that diet and exercise can’t minimize and has decided to try SmartLipo Triplex, we can help you sort out your best options for improvement. Most important, we will trust our years of expertise and philosophy of natural good looks as we guide you along the way.


To find out more, call one of our offices for a complimentary consultation. Summer is a great time to devote to yourself.


Adding More Comfort to Your Experience with Pro-Nox

We know that some of you become anxious with one step inside a doctor’s office. It’s not uncommon for people to experience the “White Coat Syndrome,” a heightening of nerves and increased heart rate. We have always had several ways to help you relax–depending on the procedure–but now, with Pro-Nox you are in total control.


Pro-Nox is a mild form of nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas.” Some of you know about it from the dentist’s office, where it has been used for years. But Pro-Nox is new in two significant ways: it is a mild form (50 percent nitrous oxide/50 percent oxygen) and you take in as much as or as little as you need, through a simple tube that you hold yourself.


It’s effective enough to take the edge off if you are fearful of injections or want to forego a stronger anesthetic for longer or more involved procedures like SmartLipo or Thermage. You now have the option to drive yourself home after certain treatments that in the past would have required that you be picked up. The effects of Pro-Nox are immediate, and they wear off just as quickly. And don’t worry that you are administering it yourself–the system is fixed so that you can only take in the safest amount.


So, next time you come in for a cosmetic treatment, be sure to ask us about Pro-Nox. If anxiety or the fear of discomfort has discouraged you from having a treatment, now you have a solution.


Call our office for a complimentary consultation, and we’ll devise a treatment plan tailored just for you.


See you soon.

Are You Thinking About SmartLipo?

Not a day goes by at the office without my hearing that losing weight has become so difficult, despite your efforts to diet and exercise. So many of you tell me that you have cut back calories and ramped up workout routines but still fight with problem areas. This often happens when metabolisms slow down with age or hormones decline. For those of you encountering such frustration, a body sculpting treatment might be an effective option. (This is especially true for women, who store more fat than men do, though men are great candidates, too.)


If you’re thinking about body contouring, here are a few good questions to ask yourself as you decide. Count how many you can answer with a “yes.”


  1. Do you watch your portion size, eating small amounts more frequently?
  2. Do you make sure to eat breakfast?
  3. Do you graze instead of eating three large meals a day?
  4. Do you avoid eating late at night?
  5. Do you avoid refined grains such as white bread and crackers?
  6. Do you avoid hidden sugars and fats?
  7. Do you avoid processed foods that contain MSG, sodium nitrate and other risky food additives?
  8. Do you include weight training with your cardio workouts?
  9. Do you do resistance exercises to build muscle?
  10. Do you mix up the types of workouts that you do?
  11. Are you sleeping from 6 to 8 hours a day?          


If you’ve answered “yes” to all or most of these questions, you are doing everything right. So that is great news. But if you are still having trouble losing weight, and you do not have an underlying medical condition that is causing the weight retention, you could be a good candidate for SmartLipo Triplex, a high-definition body sculpting procedure.


SmartLipo Triplex is a minimally invasive method for removing unwanted fat and sculpting areas of the body that you’d like to change. It’s a laser procedure that treats localized pockets of fat in targeted areas, virtually melting fat cells and suctioning them away. It uses three wavelengths of laser light and yields optimal fat removal, tighter skin and high-definition body sculpting capabilities. SmartLipo can be used on many areas of the body, and is particularly effective on waistlines and abdominal areas. One of the best parts–you can see results immediately.


If you’d like to hear more about the treatment, call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll devise a plan just for you.


See you soon.


Being Smart About SmartLipo

If you’re considering the SmartLipo high-definition laser treatment for body shaping and contouring, no doubt you’ve tried other routes for losing weight. You’re not alone. Many people find that efforts to diet and exercise simply don’t do enough, and that feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem persist.


With age, metabolisms typically slow down or hormones decline. If you are encountering this sort of frustration, a body sculpting treatment might be an effective option. Women, who store more fat than men do, find it particularly hard to lose weight as they age, though men are great candidates for the procedure, too.


Before you decide, it’s important to assess your individual situation. Everyone has a different body and different psyche. This is a personal decision that you, and only you, should make. Here’s a way to begin thinking about body contouring…ask yourself the following questions and see how many you can answer with a “yes.”


  1. Do you watch your portion size, eating small amounts more frequently?
  2. Do you eat breakfast?
  3. Do you graze instead of eating three large meals a day?
  4. Do you avoid eating late at night?
  5. Do you avoid refined grains such as white bread and crackers?
  6. Do you avoid hidden sugars and fats?
  7. Do you avoid processed foods that contain MSG, sodium nitrate and other food additives?
  8. Do you incorporate weight training into your cardio workouts?
  9. Do you do resistance exercises to build muscle?
  10. Do you mix up the types of workouts that you do?
  11. Are you sleeping from 6 to 8 hours a day?          


If you’ve answered “yes” to all or most of these questions, you are doing everything right. So that is great news. But if you are still having trouble losing weight, and you do not have an underlying medical condition that is causing it, you might want to consider SmartLipo as a solution.


It’s a minimally invasive method for removing unwanted fat and sculpting targeted areas of the body. The laser treats localized pockets of fat, melting fat cells and suctioning them away. The result: optimal fat removal, tighter skin and a new shape. SmartLipo can be used on many areas of the body, including the waist, upper and lower abdominal areas, legs, back and even neck.  


If you’d like to hear more about the treatment or still need some questions answered, call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll devise a plan just for you.


See you soon.


Treat Yourself Now: Schedule a Mommy Makeover

If it’s been about six months since you’ve had your baby, you may be feeling more like yourself. You may have lost most of your pregnancy weight and stopped nursing, you may be sleeping more, you may be back at work. But there may be a few cosmetic issues that have lingered, and really bother you. Most new moms aren’t prepared for some of the changes that their bodies will endure, but many of them are reversible.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on the skin and body, specifically the face and stomach. It is not uncommon for you to experience an array of conditions, including acne, acne scarring, melasma (darkened facial skin), cellulite, unwanted fat, unwanted hair growth, prominent facial blood vessels, loose skin, brown spots and stretch marks.


You may be feeling that you don’t have the time or the energy to address these issues right now, but your self-esteem and general well-being are important. A few simple cosmetic treatments can boost your overall mood more than you may imagine. Now, with a few holiday weeks coming up, you may find that you have some extra time to invest in yourself.


Here’s how I can help:



Also, mark your calendars for our Two Days of Holiday Merriment on December 13 and 14. Check your email and our website for discounts and details.


Meantime, call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. I’ll tailor a post-baby treatment plan just for you.


See you soon.

Lasers: A Crash Course

You’ve heard the word “laser” so often, but what does it truly mean and how does it work so well for so many conditions?


The word is actually an acronym, standing for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This means that the device produces an intense beam of bright light that travels in one direction, toward the area that needs treatment. The laser beam can cut, seal or vaporize skin tissue and blood vessels, allowing us to perform all sorts of procedures on the face and body.


What is special about the laser is that it has the unique ability to produce one specific color, or wavelength, of light, which can be varied in its intensity and pulse duration. The wavelength and power output of a particular laser determines its medical application. Unlike light from the laser, light from non-laser sources is composed of many different colors and looks white.


Lasers have been used for the treatment of skin lesions since the 1960s. Since then, technological advances have improved the devices, making them a superior technique for treating skin blemishes, facial changes due to aging, discoloration and numerous other conditions.


We use a variety of lasers, including Fraxel Dual and Repair, Clear + Brilliant, Diolite, Gentlelase, Smartlipo Triplex and Cellulaze.


Call our office today and schedule a complimentary consultation. I’ll help you determine which laser is right for you.


See you soon.

It’s Showtime for Skin

Though it has taken some time this year, the weather is finally warming and spring wardrobes are about to make their debuts. Less clothing, we all know, means more skin. The parts of your body that have been hibernating all fall and winter are ready to emerge, and now is the time to help them look their best.


Here’s a quick look at what you’ll soon be wearing…and what we can do now to get those hidden spots in shape:


Short sleeves: This means arms and elbows. To reduce fat, tighten and contour these areas, SmartLipo Triplex, Exilis Elite and Thermage CPT are effective treatments that can be done now, in the spring. Whether it’s your tricep that appears to be drooping, the spot above your elbow that looks floppy, or the skin in the crease that looks crepey, these treatments help minimize unwanted fat and folds.


Shorts: In the light of day, you knees, ankles and legs may not look the way you want them to. SmartLipo is the quickest way to dramatically reduce fat in these areas, specifically, above and around the knee and in the inner and outer thighs. Also, Exilis Elite gives us maximum power with total control. We can safely and effectively deliver the right amount of thermal energy in order to tighten, firm and tone loose and sagging skin and reshape and melt stubborn fatty deposits.


Skimpy tops: No more hiding under loose-fitting sweaters. The season’s tiny tops will do nothing to camouflage bra and abdomen fat. Consider treatments with Exilis Elite or Thermage CPT to help reduce and tighten these trouble spots. Also, Fraxel Dual is highly effective for helping to minimize wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone and texture.


As always, remember to use plenty of sunscreen on your face and body, now that the summer rays are on their way.


Call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation, and we can talk about ways to take you from spring to summer, beautifully.


See you soon.

Body Contouring, The Smart Way

Do you have a stomach that just won’t disappear, no matter what you do? Or saddle bags that keep you from wearing jeans? And, are you tired of wrapping yourself up on the beach and dressing to hide the parts of your body that you don’t like?


It could be time for SmartLipo TriPlex. A minimally invasive method for contouring your body and removing unwanted fat, this laser treatment virtually melts fat cells and suctions them away, for good. Body contouring is currently the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, and it provides a sure way to achieve your ideal body shape.


SmartLipo TriPlex has fewer side effects than traditional liposuction and offers precise high-definition body sculpting that is perfect for waistlines and abdominal areas. With just one treatment, we can target localized pockets of fat, with immediate results.


For men and women, the laser procedure has been designed to treat specific areas of fat in the midsection as well as the back, chin, inner and outer thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms, face, back of neck, male breasts and pubic mound.


Smart Lipo TriPlex can transform the way you see yourself. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation, and I’ll devise an individual plan just for you.


See you soon.

Love Your Body with Speedy Summer Fixes

It may not yet be hot enough for the beach, and if you don’t love how you look in a bathing suit, that is good news. But why not love how you look? Why not embrace the season, the suit and your shape?


It’s time to stop hiding. Body sculpting is minimally invasive, safe and quick. With SmartLipo TriPlex laser treatments, we can remove fat from targeted areas of your body. You’ll see a reduction in inches, smoother and tighter skin and a highly defined new shape.


The treatment is done with local anesthesia in our state-of-the-art office, and is particularly effective for abdomens and waistlines–and for both men and women. You’ll see changes in your body that diet and exercise have failed to produce.  


We can also reduce the cellulite that ruins any good bathing suit. With the Cellulaze laser, we smooth skin on the thighs buttocks, stomach, upper arms–anywhere where bumps and ripples appear. Despite your rigorous exercise, weight training and high-intensity workouts, cellulite sometimes sticks around. The Cellulaze laser attacks it where it begins, under the skin.


Finally, here’s a run-down of some of our other fast treatments for minimizing lines, wrinkles and folds:

  • For crow’s feet and droopy brows: Botox and Dysport
  • For tear troughs and hollows below the lower eyelid: Restylane, Juvederm and Belotero
  • For sagging and shallow cheeks, temples and jawlines: Voluma XC, Radiesse, Perlane, Restylane and Juvederm
  • For nasolabial folds: Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse and Belotero
  • For thin and flat lips: Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Silk and Perlane


Please call our office to schedule a consultation, and see you at the beach.

For The Dramatic Change You Really Want…SmartLipo TriPlex

We know it’s spring when so many of you come to our office for body contouring. This past week, we were happy to see you taking the most popular permanent cosmetic step for sculpting the areas of your body that you want to change — SmartLipo TriPlex.


A minimally invasive method for removing unwanted fat and shaping targeted areas, SmartLipo TriPlex is a laser treatment that virtually melts fat cells and suctions them away. The TriPlex technology is more advanced than the original SmartLipo system, using three wavelengths of laser light and yielding better fat removal and tighter skin. It gives us the ability to sculpt your body with high-definition and precision.


Many of you come to us complaining that no matter how much you work out or diet, certain specific parts of your body don’t seem to respond to your hard work. Sometimes, you simply need a little help. SmartLipo TriPlex is tailor-made to pinpoint these localized spots–the waistline, abdomen, love handles, bra fat (overhang), inner arms, inner/outer thighs, inner knees, hips, buttocks, jawline, chin, pubic mound and male breasts.


After just one treatment, you will be able to see results. You will look thinner, tighter and more defined. You will probably wonder why, after all of your effort with diet and exercise, you didn’t choose SmartLipo TriPlex sooner. With little to no recovery time, you’ll be in a bathing suit and out on the beach in a few short weeks, enjoying the confidence that you haven’t had in a long time. It will be a new and terrific feeling.


Check our remarkable before and after photos, and call one of our state-of-the-art offices to schedule a consultation. We will devise an individual treatment plan just for you.


And a reminder–remember to ask about our Mother’s Day offers.


See you soon.

Body Sculpting: Your Best Shape is Easy to Have

Body shaping changes the size, profile and parameters of your anatomy, refining and sculpting areas that fail to respond to diet and exercise. My philosophy is to look at your body as a whole, not as a sum of parts, to create a natural and balanced silhouette that suits your frame. In our fully accredited facility, I utilize many state-of-the-art methods for doing this, including Smartlipo TriPlex, Exilis, Thermage CPT and Cellulaze.


What Will Body Sculpting Do For You?

  • tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loss
  • restore a pre-pregnancy body after childbirth
  • tighten up loose saggy skin and remove excess fat pockets
  • eliminate cellulite and the “dimples” it causes
  • give you a trim, firm and contoured body
  • boost self-confidence and esteem


When Is the Best Time for Body Sculpting?

Before you have any body shaping procedure, it’s important that you are in good general health and are at a stable weight for at least three months. You may choose to have treatments on multiple body areas, and these may be done at the same time or at different times, depending upon your individual plan.


Here are some of the procedures that we perform in our fully accredited facility:


Smartlipo TriPlex is less invasive and more precise than traditional liposuction. It removes unwanted fat from specific body areas that have resisted even the strictest diets and toughest exercise regimens. The process actually melts fat, stimulates skin tightening and encourages collagen renewal, using three wavelengths of light and a tiny cannula the size of a small ballpoint pen tip. Smartlipo is particularly effective on the abdomen, neck, jawline, inner arms, male breasts, love handles, bra fat (overhang), inner/outer thighs, inner knees, chin, hips, buttocks, pubic mound and back of neck.


Exilis offers the newest advances in nonsurgical skin tightening to reduce unwanted inches and to lift and contour sagging skin anywhere on your body.


Thermage CPT is a nonsurgical facelift that will transform skin all over your body. The thermal lift will tighten loose skin on the eyelids, under-eye areas, abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks. Thermage CPT, the most effective lift treatment for a multitude of concerns, yields dramatic results without incisions and recuperation.


Cellulaze melts excess fat under the skin and removes the fibrous bands that pull skin into a dimple. It is a minimally invasive way of decreasing the appearance of cellulite in the areas where it typically crops up–the buttocks, hips, thighs, arms and abdomen. Cellulaze also stimulates collagen production, which thickens your skin.


As the summer approaches, I look forward to helping you devise a personalized treatment plan for reshaping and contouring your skin. I know that you will love feeling younger, healthier and more vibrant. Call our office to schedule a consultation and ask about our special Mother’s Day offers, too.

Body Sculpting for the Fall Holiday Season

The stores are full of fall décor, the temperature is cooling down, parties are beginning to get put on the calendar… we are coming into the fall holiday season. With all the family, social, and charitable events that will be filling up your days and nights, you’ll want to look and feel your best. Now is an ideal time to start your body’s holiday rejuvenation plan.

It’s always better to be proactive rather than to procrastinate, especially when it comes to your appearance. Take advantage of the lull in the social calendar now, rather than remembering you have a party the upcoming Friday and try to squeeze in a quick treatment on the Wednesday before. With the convenience of our “in and out” procedures, you’ll be on your way to a more youthful appearance yet won’t have to sacrifice time away from the social scene. By getting a head start now, you’ll have the full anti aging benefits of the treatments by the time the season is in full swing.

Here are some of the top treatments for restoring and contouring your body coming in to the fall season:

  1. As the weather cools down, body sculpting with SmartLipo TriPlex can help you look your best in your holiday attire. It will conveniently melt away stubborn fat bulges on the abdomen, hips, and thighs with minimal down time compared to traditional liposuction methods. Laser liposuction can help to shape the body to an aesthetic proportion so that your tummy is flatter, hips and buttocks are the right kind of curvy, and thighs are slimmer. This can help get you on the right track, which you can then maintain with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Also, amazingly, SmartLipo TriPlex lasers interact with collagen to help tighten and shrink the skin so it can even be used under the chin and upper arms.
  2. Cellulite Treatments with the Cellulaze Laser will smooth out the skin on your legs so you can confidently wear those above the knee dresses at cocktail parties. The Cellulaze Laser diminishes lumpy fat pockets while increasing the elasticity of skin with such effectiveness that over 93% of people surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with the results.
  3. EXILIS fights both cellulite and fat using the most advanced radio frequency energy. It liquefies fat cells and tightens skin to reduce unwanted inches while lifting loose skin anywhere on your body. Some of the most popular areas are the Face, Jowls, Neck, Chest, Back, Love Handles, Bra Fat, Abdomen, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks and Knees.


Goals for Your New Look

Our goal for your body reshaping is to achieve harmony and balance for the entire body. We create a slimmer yet natural looking redefined body. What are your goals?

  • Do you want to tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loss or after childbirth?
  • Is feeling more confident in the stylish clothes of the season important to you?
  • How about feeling lighter, healthier, and more energetic to take on a holiday season with confidence?

Let’s get ready now for the coming holiday season by talking about your goals for your body transformation. And check out my website for more ideas on body contouring.


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