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Category: SmartLipoTriplex laser

Unlocking Your Ideal Body: Why SmartLipo TriPlex Trumps Diet and Exercise Alone

Embarking on a fitness journey and adopting a healthy diet are commendable steps toward a better you, but sometimes, stubborn pockets of fat refuse to budge. Enter SmartLipo TriPlex, a revolutionary solution that takes body sculpting to new heights, providing results beyond the reach of diet and exercise alone.


Why SmartLipo TriPlex?


  • Targeted Precision: SmartLipo TriPlex goes beyond the generalized approach of diet and exercise. It precisely targets localized pockets of fat in areas like the abdomen, thighs, arms, and more. No more struggling with those resistant areas that seem impervious to your healthy lifestyle efforts.


  • Advanced Technology: This minimally invasive procedure employs state-of-the-art TriPlex technology, utilizing three wavelengths of laser light. Unlike traditional methods, it doesn’t just remove fat – it sculpts with superior precision. The laser energy not only melts fat cells but also stimulates collagen, promoting skin tightening for a smoother, more sculpted appearance.


  • Quick and Lasting Results: SmartLipo TriPlex offers visible results after just one treatment. While diet and exercise require time and consistency, this advanced method provides a quicker transformation. Witness the changes you desire without the prolonged waiting period.


  • Tailored Treatments: Unlike the one-size-fits-all nature of diet and exercise, SmartLipo TriPlex treatments are personalized and tailored to address your specific needs.


  • Beyond Diet and Exercise Limits: Some areas of the body are genetically predisposed to store fat, making it challenging to sculpt them through traditional means. SmartLipo TriPlex steps in where genetics might have limited the effectiveness of diet and exercise alone.


  • Minimally Invasive with Less Downtime: While invasive surgical procedures often involve extended downtime, SmartLipo TriPlex is minimally invasive. Experience less pain, swelling, and bruising compared to traditional liposuction, allowing for a quicker recovery and a sooner return to your routine.


Book your personal consultation today and let SmartLipo TriPlex guide you toward the body you’ve always desired – a body that reflects your efforts, dedication, and the innovative power of advanced cosmetic technology. Your ideal body is within reach.


See you soon.



Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Six little words that sail from dressing rooms the world over, this question is practically a mantra for the body conscious. Regardless of your shape, fitness level or weight, you may have worried that you don’t look as thin or as attractive as you possibly could. And if the worry makes you feel bad, you want to do something about it.


This is where we come in. Changing the way you look at your body–which could mean embracing what you don’t like, tweaking what you don’t like or changing dramatically what you don’t like–is what we help you to do.


So, if your fall and winter diet and exercise regimen hasn’t produced the results that you want on the beach in a couple of months, we offer a few ways to help you like what you see in the mirror. Our battery of body contouring treatments include SmartLipo TriplexExilis Ultra 360 and Thermage CPT.


SmartLipo Triplex is a minimally invasive method for removing unwanted fat and sculpting targeted areas of the body. It’s a laser treatment that virtually melts fat cells and suctions them away. Exilis Ultra 360 firms and tones loose and sagging skin and reshapes and melts stubborn fatty deposits anywhere on your face and body. Popular areas treated with Exilis include the face, jowls, neck, chest, back, “love handles,” “bra fat,” abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and knees. Finally, Thermage CPT is a thermal lift that tightens loose skin on the eyelids, under-eye areas, abdomen, arms, legs and even your sagging buttocks. It is the most effective lift treatment for a multitude of concerns, yielding dramatic results without incisions and recuperation.


So, instead of saying “Does this make me look fat?” why not enter the world of “Doesn’t this make me look beautiful?”


See you soon.


Stop the Vanity: How to Improve Your Looks, Within Reason

All good things, taken too far, can become, well, not so good. Too much steak, too many luxuries, too much confidence. And in the case of cosmetic treatments, too much fiddling with your natural good looks.


The archetypical theme of “virtue turned to vice” can easily be applied to what we do. Moderation, as it is in so many other areas of our lives, is the key to success, and it is our personal mantra. Often, we find ourselves advising you to restrain from doing too much and instead, take the less-is-more approach.


So, how do you know when you have done just enough to enhance your appearance? Cosmetic treatments are a terrific way to refresh your look and can help you to feel younger, more vibrant and energized. They can be transforming, physically and emotionally. As you consider your options, it’s important to know why you are thinking about having a procedure done. If you are coming to see us because you have a specific concern about a specific area of your body, that is the optimal reason to have treatment. But, if you see this experience as a way to solve other issues in your life–ones that are not directly connected to physical appearance–then you might get those thoughts in order first.


We offer a unique, individualized and thorough consultation that will help us help you determine your reasons for coming to us. (Granted, we are happy to report, most of you seek us out for the very best reasons.) And, we will define for you the likely results so that your expectations are realistic.


So, whether you are a first-time client who is curious about Botox or dermal fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm, or you are a returning client who wants to maintain a fresh and youthful glow, perhaps with a nonsurgical Facelift, or you are someone who is frustrated by extra pounds that diet and exercise can’t minimize and has decided to try SmartLipo Triplex, we can help you sort out your best options for improvement. Most important, we will trust our years of expertise and philosophy of natural good looks as we guide you along the way.


To find out more, call one of our offices for a complimentary consultation. Summer is a great time to devote to yourself.


The Best Fall Fixes

Now that the temperatures have begun to drop and the sun is no longer at its height, it’s prime time for certain cosmetic treatments that do their best during the fall.


Here’s a run-down of the best treatments for right now:


Laser Hair Removal: This procedure works best on fair skin, so if you’ve become tanned in the summer and now notice a fade, you might consider scheduling an appointment.

The greater the contrast between a dark hair follicle and a paler skin tone, the easier it is for the laser to find the root of your hairs and remove them.


Fraxel Laser Resurfacing: After the treatment, which penetrates through the surface of your skin, you’ll need to avoid direct sun for a little while. So, autumn is a fine time for Fraxel. It may take a few days for your damaged skin to flake off, revealing a smoother blemish-free complexion. Fraxel will help improve summer’s damaging effects on your skin.


SmartLipo Triplex: You will see immediate improvement with SmartLipo Triplex, but it can take some time for optimal results to emerge. So, it’s best that all of this happens during the fall. You’ll be ready for beachwear, whether on a winter vacation to a warm locale or the local beach next summer.


Of course, your individual needs determine which procedures you choose, and when to have them. Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll help you figure out the fall plan that serves you best.


See you soon.


Target the Trouble: SmartLipo is Spot On

When you diet, you lose weight across your entire body. There is no eating regimen that will shrink just the area under your bra strap or only that annoying spot above your knees. But SmartLipo Triplex has proven to do just that.


This laser procedure provides excellent results for removing fat from localized pockets that are resistant to ordinary dieting and exercise. Particularly now, as bathing suit weather arrives, Smart Lipo can minimize the little spots that make you feel self-conscious on the beach and in summer clothing–the love handles, tummy, inner and outer thighs and male breasts. Also, as the laser works, it tightens and firms the skin on these areas, reducing the sagging that often occurs with traditional liposuction. Of course, SmartLipo tackles larger areas, too, with great results, including the upper and lower abdomen, hips, and arms.


You are an ideal candidate if you are in good health, with normal body weight, an active lifestyle and realistic goals and expectations. And don’t worry, the recovery time is quick. You can return to most activities within 24 hours. Results are seen soon after your procedure, as the treated area will appear tighter, compact and smaller. Your skin and surrounding area will continue to remodel and adjust to the body contour as time progresses.


Call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will tailor a specific treatment plan just for you.


See you soon.



Are You Jealous?

Part of being a human being is looking at other human beings. Evolution has conditioned us to be social, to form relationships with others, and to view and assess other people relative to ourselves. So, in a word, we compare. When we compare, our thoughts may spin in a number of directions. We may be happy with our own appearance, we may disparage another person’s appearance, and if we think someone else looks better than we do, we may become envious, and we feel bad.


Women are tougher on themselves than men are, when it comes to body image. When a woman walks down the street, more women than men will look at her, comparing body part to body part to where they fall out. According to a 2015 Self Magazine study, 85 percent of women believe they should think more positively about their bodies than they do.


For most women, weight is the first thing they see. Self’s study reports that 80 percent of women are unhappy with the number on the scale. After that, they compare the usual culprits–how pretty, how young, how much cellulite, how busty, how tall.


I believe that if you can improve, even just a little bit, how your feel about your appearance, you improve–dramatically–the way that you feel about yourself in general. And this is my goal.


So, to that end, we offer subtle, natural treatments that will help you to be happier with yourself, with little effort. If you are concerned about extra pounds that just won’t come off, come talk with us about SmartLipo Triplex. If you have acne scarring that has hounded you since your teenage days, come talk with us about Fraxel laser procedures. If you have a bump in your nose that makes you dislike your profile, we may solve the problem with dermal fillers rather than surgery. There are answers for everything, and all ways to gain confidence and contentment, simply, quickly and beautifully.


Call our office today for a complimentary consultation.


See you soon.

Be Smart About Your Body…and Get the Shape You Want

Last year, four of the five top cosmetic surgical procedures experienced a decline in popularity. At the same time, the top minimally invasive treatments all saw a boost.


We have known for a long time that dramatic transformation is possible with safe and quick nonsurgical procedures.


Botox, dermal fillers, laser hair removal and chemical peels all jumped significantly in popularity. The one surgical procedure that saw a five percent increase was traditional liposuction. But rather than endure the trials of traditional surgical liposuction, you might consider SmartLipo Triplex, a minimally invasive contouring procedure that we routinely perform with terrific results.


SmartLipo TriPlex removes unwanted fat and sculpts areas of the body that youíd like to change. Generally, these are localized fat deposits that fail to respond to diet and exercise. They linger no matter what you do, and cause a great deal of frustration and embarrassment. SmartLipo TriPlex can change the way you feel about your body after one treatment.


A laser procedure that virtually melts fat cells and suctions them away, the TriPlex technology is updated from the original SmartLipo system in that it uses three wavelengths of laser light and yields better fat removal, tighter skin and high-definition body sculpting capabilities. This laser method for fat removal and body sculpting has been used in Europe, Asia and South America for about 10 years and was approved by the FDA for use in the United States in 2006.


The procedure is performed under local, not general anesthesia, and causes less swelling, bruising and pain than traditional liposuction.


Call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.


See you soon.


For The Dramatic Change You Really Want…SmartLipo TriPlex

We know it’s spring when so many of you come to our office for body contouring. This past week, we were happy to see you taking the most popular permanent cosmetic step for sculpting the areas of your body that you want to change — SmartLipo TriPlex.


A minimally invasive method for removing unwanted fat and shaping targeted areas, SmartLipo TriPlex is a laser treatment that virtually melts fat cells and suctions them away. The TriPlex technology is more advanced than the original SmartLipo system, using three wavelengths of laser light and yielding better fat removal and tighter skin. It gives us the ability to sculpt your body with high-definition and precision.


Many of you come to us complaining that no matter how much you work out or diet, certain specific parts of your body don’t seem to respond to your hard work. Sometimes, you simply need a little help. SmartLipo TriPlex is tailor-made to pinpoint these localized spots–the waistline, abdomen, love handles, bra fat (overhang), inner arms, inner/outer thighs, inner knees, hips, buttocks, jawline, chin, pubic mound and male breasts.


After just one treatment, you will be able to see results. You will look thinner, tighter and more defined. You will probably wonder why, after all of your effort with diet and exercise, you didn’t choose SmartLipo TriPlex sooner. With little to no recovery time, you’ll be in a bathing suit and out on the beach in a few short weeks, enjoying the confidence that you haven’t had in a long time. It will be a new and terrific feeling.


Check our remarkable before and after photos, and call one of our state-of-the-art offices to schedule a consultation. We will devise an individual treatment plan just for you.


And a reminder–remember to ask about our Mother’s Day offers.


See you soon.

Body Sculpting: Your Best Shape is Easy to Have

Body shaping changes the size, profile and parameters of your anatomy, refining and sculpting areas that fail to respond to diet and exercise. My philosophy is to look at your body as a whole, not as a sum of parts, to create a natural and balanced silhouette that suits your frame. In our fully accredited facility, I utilize many state-of-the-art methods for doing this, including Smartlipo TriPlex, Exilis, Thermage CPT and Cellulaze.


What Will Body Sculpting Do For You?

  • tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loss
  • restore a pre-pregnancy body after childbirth
  • tighten up loose saggy skin and remove excess fat pockets
  • eliminate cellulite and the “dimples” it causes
  • give you a trim, firm and contoured body
  • boost self-confidence and esteem


When Is the Best Time for Body Sculpting?

Before you have any body shaping procedure, it’s important that you are in good general health and are at a stable weight for at least three months. You may choose to have treatments on multiple body areas, and these may be done at the same time or at different times, depending upon your individual plan.


Here are some of the procedures that we perform in our fully accredited facility:


Smartlipo TriPlex is less invasive and more precise than traditional liposuction. It removes unwanted fat from specific body areas that have resisted even the strictest diets and toughest exercise regimens. The process actually melts fat, stimulates skin tightening and encourages collagen renewal, using three wavelengths of light and a tiny cannula the size of a small ballpoint pen tip. Smartlipo is particularly effective on the abdomen, neck, jawline, inner arms, male breasts, love handles, bra fat (overhang), inner/outer thighs, inner knees, chin, hips, buttocks, pubic mound and back of neck.


Exilis offers the newest advances in nonsurgical skin tightening to reduce unwanted inches and to lift and contour sagging skin anywhere on your body.


Thermage CPT is a nonsurgical facelift that will transform skin all over your body. The thermal lift will tighten loose skin on the eyelids, under-eye areas, abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks. Thermage CPT, the most effective lift treatment for a multitude of concerns, yields dramatic results without incisions and recuperation.


Cellulaze melts excess fat under the skin and removes the fibrous bands that pull skin into a dimple. It is a minimally invasive way of decreasing the appearance of cellulite in the areas where it typically crops up–the buttocks, hips, thighs, arms and abdomen. Cellulaze also stimulates collagen production, which thickens your skin.


As the summer approaches, I look forward to helping you devise a personalized treatment plan for reshaping and contouring your skin. I know that you will love feeling younger, healthier and more vibrant. Call our office to schedule a consultation and ask about our special Mother’s Day offers, too.

Body Sculpting for the Fall Holiday Season

The stores are full of fall décor, the temperature is cooling down, parties are beginning to get put on the calendar… we are coming into the fall holiday season. With all the family, social, and charitable events that will be filling up your days and nights, you’ll want to look and feel your best. Now is an ideal time to start your body’s holiday rejuvenation plan.

It’s always better to be proactive rather than to procrastinate, especially when it comes to your appearance. Take advantage of the lull in the social calendar now, rather than remembering you have a party the upcoming Friday and try to squeeze in a quick treatment on the Wednesday before. With the convenience of our “in and out” procedures, you’ll be on your way to a more youthful appearance yet won’t have to sacrifice time away from the social scene. By getting a head start now, you’ll have the full anti aging benefits of the treatments by the time the season is in full swing.

Here are some of the top treatments for restoring and contouring your body coming in to the fall season:

  1. As the weather cools down, body sculpting with SmartLipo TriPlex can help you look your best in your holiday attire. It will conveniently melt away stubborn fat bulges on the abdomen, hips, and thighs with minimal down time compared to traditional liposuction methods. Laser liposuction can help to shape the body to an aesthetic proportion so that your tummy is flatter, hips and buttocks are the right kind of curvy, and thighs are slimmer. This can help get you on the right track, which you can then maintain with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Also, amazingly, SmartLipo TriPlex lasers interact with collagen to help tighten and shrink the skin so it can even be used under the chin and upper arms.
  2. Cellulite Treatments with the Cellulaze Laser will smooth out the skin on your legs so you can confidently wear those above the knee dresses at cocktail parties. The Cellulaze Laser diminishes lumpy fat pockets while increasing the elasticity of skin with such effectiveness that over 93% of people surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with the results.
  3. EXILIS fights both cellulite and fat using the most advanced radio frequency energy. It liquefies fat cells and tightens skin to reduce unwanted inches while lifting loose skin anywhere on your body. Some of the most popular areas are the Face, Jowls, Neck, Chest, Back, Love Handles, Bra Fat, Abdomen, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks and Knees.


Goals for Your New Look

Our goal for your body reshaping is to achieve harmony and balance for the entire body. We create a slimmer yet natural looking redefined body. What are your goals?

  • Do you want to tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loss or after childbirth?
  • Is feeling more confident in the stylish clothes of the season important to you?
  • How about feeling lighter, healthier, and more energetic to take on a holiday season with confidence?

Let’s get ready now for the coming holiday season by talking about your goals for your body transformation. And check out my website for more ideas on body contouring.


Dr. Alexander Covey

Beach Body Sculpting without Major Surgery

Men and women both can have body fat issues, but typically men accumulate extra fat on their stomach and around the waist. For women, fat tends to accumulate on their hips, thighs, and buttocks. Being overweight changes the way your body functions, which can create a vicious cycle that is hard to break, even with diet and exercise. Carrying extra pounds can also be bad for your overall health because it causes inflammation, slows circulation, and weakens your immune system.

Does your body have any stubborn fat bulges that just won’t go away? If you have areas of fat that will not respond to diet and exercise, and you thought your only option was major surgery, I hope you’ll be relieved to know, there is a less invasive solution… SmartLipo TriPlex!  SmartLipo TriPlex is the safest, most advanced body sculpting and fat removing laser liposuction technique available!

The three wave lengths of laser light in SmartLipo TriPlex result in better fat removal and tighter skin, than previous laser treatment methods. The lasers virtually melt away the fat cells, then some are suctioned away and some of it is removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. This laser method has a recovery time that is quicker than with traditional liposuction, and it has been approved as safe by the FDA for use in the United States since 2006.

Even if you haven’t had success with traditional liposuction or you want to remove fat from difficult areas of the body, you should give SmartLipo TriPlex a chance. Due to the exact nature of lasers, SmartLipo TriPlex can treat localized pockets of fat in targeted areas without the risk of lumpy after effects. The laser energy also interacts with collagen in the skin which later causes the skin to tighten and shrink.

SmartLipo TriPlex offers exceptionally high precision contouring for fine tuning your beach body. It offers precise body sculpting that is perfect for:

  • waistlines
  • abdomen
  • inner or outer thighs
  • hips
  • upper arms
  • buttocks
  • under the chin

Ideal candidates are in good health and not looking for extreme body changes.   SmartLipo TriPlex is excellent for removing fat from those areas where the bulge or pooch just won’t go away. You don’t have to worry if a long down time or recovery time isn’t an option. Since SmartLipo TriPlex is a minimally invasive procedure, it can be performed under local anesthesia. Our patients typically return to normal activities within 24 hours. All that is needed is an oral pain medication to take the edge off any mild soreness or ache.

So are you ready to say goodbye to the ‘muffin top’ or the ‘spare tire’, and say hello to the ‘thigh gap’  or flat abs of your dreams? With SmartLipo TriPlex the treated areas will appear tighter, smoother, and smaller soon after your procedure.  The skin and surrounding area will smooth out to look like a natural body contour.

Visit to learn how we can help you melt away your stubborn fat and get that beach body without major surgery.


Dr. Covey

Lasers Melt Fat, Reduce Cellulite, Define Your Abs… Now

SMARTLIPO TRIPLEXTM is today’s most advanced fat removal systems.  SmartLipo TriPlex is less invasive because it uses laser light to actually melt fat, stimulate skin tightening and encourage collagen renewal.

The TriPlex laser system employs three wave lengths of light and a tiny cannula to do its work. These sophisticated advances allow for precision fat removal and sculpting in small, hard to get to places that could not be effectively treated with older methods. See the benefits:

  • Minimally invasive treatments mean less swelling, less bruising and shorter downtimes
  • Enables precise high definition body sculpting like waistlines/abs
  • Fat is liquefied and removed resulting in lump free contouring
  • TriPlex laser stimulates skin tightening effect
  • Multiple, intelligent delivery systems ensure safest, maximum laser strength
  • Treatments are done in office using local anesthesia
  • Results are better, more effective than with older technology
  • Fat removal, tighter skin and amazing high definition body sculpting. See:

My patients love SmartLipo TriPlex treatments and commonly request the following areas be treated: neck, jawline, inner arms, men’s breasts, abs and love handles, women’s bra fat (overhang) inner/outer thighs, inner knees, chin, hips, buttocks, pubic mound, back of neck.

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but it is one of today’s top treatments for fat removal, body sculpting and skin tightening. With “Beach Time” upon us, patients are asking about the most effective “quick fixes.” This is one of them in addition to injectable filler treatments for lines, wrinkles, folds, non-surgical chin and cheek augmentation and Botox…all for facial youthfulness.

So, when you’ve tried it all…the creams, lotions, potions, weekly spa treatments, stringent diet and exercise…yet nothing has worked to reduce your love handles or that persistent pouch in your abs…Why not try something that is proven to work?

We can erase cellulite and remove stubborn fat with the most advanced slimming treatments available. SmartLipo TriPlex, Cellulaze Laser (for cellulite) and Exilis Elite (advanced radio frequency energy) treatments can put an end to your struggles now.

Fun in the sun time is here, but please remember to protect your skin with SPF to block those UVA/UVB rays. Use a sun block with at least 30 or more SPF in combination with a moisturizer or alone…just remember to use it liberally and apply it often.

Ok, if you need a “WOW” effect and are not getting it on your own…let’s talk and get you started on your own tailored treatment plan for whatever concerns you now.


Dr. Covey



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