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Monthly Archives: June 2014


I’ve written a few blogs on “quick fixes” ranging from Injectable FaceLifts to Cellulite removal employing Cellulaze technology, and Body Contouring using SmartLipo TriPlex laser treatments because they do create fast, visible results.

Here’s a quick overview on lines, wrinkles and folds and how to get rid of them and lift sagging skin.

  • Crow’s feet are fine lines that start at the outer corners of the eyes and extend out. They are caused by muscle activity. We correct them with Botox or Dysport (neurotoxins).
  • DROOPY BROWS are caused by excessive brow movement and can cause the loss of the natural eyebrow arch. This often causes a heavy appearance. BOTOX or DYSPORT can help lift the eyebrow to its natural position.
  • TEAR TROUGHS/HOLLOWSstart below the bridge of the nose and lower eyelid, extending downward toward the cheek.RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM or BELOTERO safely treat these areas.
  • CHEEKS, TEMPLES and JAWLINESAs fat diminishes with aging, these areas commonly sag and appear shallow. I use New Voluma XC, Radiesse, Perlane, Restylane or Juvederm Ultra Plus to restore youthfulness.
  • NASOLABIAL FOLDSare those lines extending downward from the bottom of the nose to the outer corners of the lips and are caused by fat that has shifted. Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse or Belotero easily correct those unwelcome folds!
  • LIPSOver time your lips can become thin, flat and lose their youthful shape and fullness. Great lip plumpers include: Juvederm, Restylane andPerlane.

SOCIAL MEDIA and COSMETIC PROCEDURES…Injectable fillers and Body Sculpting and cellulite removal are three of the top requested anti aging procedures being done today because they work quickly with minimal downtime. Social Media is about being seen and this trend has created a major surge in people of all ages demanding “quick fixes” to look younger and healthier. Injectables and laser treatments can offer that desirable instant youthfulness.

BODY SCULPTING for the BEACH is in high demand because precision fat removal and sculpting is so much quicker and easier than with older technology and techniques. I use the SmartLipo TriPlex system to remove fat instantly and define waistlines and abs with lump free contouring. See the benefits as follows:

  • Minimally invasive treatments mean less swelling, less bruising and shorter downtimes
  • Enables precise high definition body sculpting around waistlines/abs
  • Fat is liquefied and removed resulting in lump free contouring
  • TriPlex laser stimulates skin tightening effect
  • Multiple, intelligent delivery systems ensure safest, maximum laser strength
  • Treatments are done in office using local anesthesia
  • Results are better, more effective than with older technology
  • Fat removal, tighter skin and amazing high definition body sculpting. See:


It shows up on the thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms and other body areas. Diet, rigorous exercise, weight training and high intensity exercises are great for weight loss, weight control, strength building and muscle tone but they do not eliminate cellulite. Women with dreaded cellulite constantly seek ways to be rid of it. CELLULAZE LASER is the world’s first minimally invasive way of attacking cellulite where it begins…under the skin. See my website for complete info:

These are three top “quick fixes” you can do today to be ready for all the summer events. Want to look younger, healthier and fabulous? Let’s talk now.


Dr. Covey


Quick Fixes for Looking Good on Social Media

LOOKING GOOD on SOCIAL MEDIA … It’s a fact that today’s Social Media such as Facebook and Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn, for example, are impacting the steady rise in cosmetic procedures. Seeing and being seen defines social media. Recent surveys done by the “Today Show” revealed that of the 7,000 American moms who were polled, 42% suffer from “Pinterest stress, and they worry about not being creative enough when compared to other moms. A survey of 752 plastic surgeons revealed a 315% increase in plastic and cosmetic surgery requests from people wanting to look better on Facebook. Botox was the top choice for those wanting “quick fixes” along with Injectable FaceLifts and Surgical FaceLifts, BrowLifts, Injectable Cheek Augmentation etc. It’s crystal clear that today’s Social Media are making people conscious of their aging and creating a desire to do something about it…to turn back the clock a few years.

CELEBRITIES INFLUENCE a STEADY RISE in surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures. Body Refinement and always looking good is critical to many of them for personal and career reasons. We learned from the “Celebs” how to defy aging by employing anti aging treatments. The key is to start early (at the first sign of tiny facial lines, etc.) and to always maintain, in order to always look about 10 years younger. A few of today’s celebrities have heavily influenced how people want to look.

EXECUTIVES, MEN and WOMEN’S CAREERS and COSMETIC ANTI AGING PROCEDURES…The very visual world in which we live today affects even our careers. A Manhattan colleague recently told me that he sees a lot of men and women executives and high profile individuals who are in the public eye constantly. Their pictures are taken constantly…and they are expected to look good! YouTube, Facebook, HD Television and public appearances demand they look their absolute best. These “celebs” focus on the face and on Body Sculpting because they get paid to look great! This results in feeling great as well!

CELEBS CHOICES influence us today…We learned a couple decades ago to defy aging as they do.

A few of today’s celebrities have heavily influenced how people want to look.

  • Kate Middleton’s nose is the nose of choice among the World’s female population (many wish they also had her face!)
  • Cheryl Cole’s dimples…well those are hard to copy
  • Robert Pattison’s jaw is the envy of scores of men
  • Brit Jude Law has the most requested nose for men
  • First Lady Michelle Obama has the most admired arms causing a spike in requests for Upper Arm Lifts
  • And many more…

TODAY’S ECONOMY…SCULPTED BODIES and the LIPSTICK EFFECT??? The economy has been less than great the last few years; however, people still come for cosmetic procedures. Analysts call it “a collective vanity” among today’s society…but the Millennials and Gen Xer’s call it good health! They budget for it as part of their regular health regimen. Their top choices include: Injectable FaceLifts, Cheek Augmentations, Botox BrowLifts, Cellulaze Cellulite treatments, SmartLipo TriPlex fat removal and Body Sculpting and much more. The Lipstick effect involves opting for the Injection Effect. These minor treatments defy aging and still allow us to “indulge.”

Been thinking about those unwelcome facial lines, folds, wrinkles, sagging skin, droopy eyelids…or body flab that’s got to go? Let’s talk and design your own personal treatment plan.



Dr. Covey














Lasers Melt Fat, Reduce Cellulite, Define Your Abs… Now

SMARTLIPO TRIPLEXTM is today’s most advanced fat removal systems.  SmartLipo TriPlex is less invasive because it uses laser light to actually melt fat, stimulate skin tightening and encourage collagen renewal.

The TriPlex laser system employs three wave lengths of light and a tiny cannula to do its work. These sophisticated advances allow for precision fat removal and sculpting in small, hard to get to places that could not be effectively treated with older methods. See the benefits:

  • Minimally invasive treatments mean less swelling, less bruising and shorter downtimes
  • Enables precise high definition body sculpting like waistlines/abs
  • Fat is liquefied and removed resulting in lump free contouring
  • TriPlex laser stimulates skin tightening effect
  • Multiple, intelligent delivery systems ensure safest, maximum laser strength
  • Treatments are done in office using local anesthesia
  • Results are better, more effective than with older technology
  • Fat removal, tighter skin and amazing high definition body sculpting. See:

My patients love SmartLipo TriPlex treatments and commonly request the following areas be treated: neck, jawline, inner arms, men’s breasts, abs and love handles, women’s bra fat (overhang) inner/outer thighs, inner knees, chin, hips, buttocks, pubic mound, back of neck.

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but it is one of today’s top treatments for fat removal, body sculpting and skin tightening. With “Beach Time” upon us, patients are asking about the most effective “quick fixes.” This is one of them in addition to injectable filler treatments for lines, wrinkles, folds, non-surgical chin and cheek augmentation and Botox…all for facial youthfulness.

So, when you’ve tried it all…the creams, lotions, potions, weekly spa treatments, stringent diet and exercise…yet nothing has worked to reduce your love handles or that persistent pouch in your abs…Why not try something that is proven to work?

We can erase cellulite and remove stubborn fat with the most advanced slimming treatments available. SmartLipo TriPlex, Cellulaze Laser (for cellulite) and Exilis Elite (advanced radio frequency energy) treatments can put an end to your struggles now.

Fun in the sun time is here, but please remember to protect your skin with SPF to block those UVA/UVB rays. Use a sun block with at least 30 or more SPF in combination with a moisturizer or alone…just remember to use it liberally and apply it often.

Ok, if you need a “WOW” effect and are not getting it on your own…let’s talk and get you started on your own tailored treatment plan for whatever concerns you now.


Dr. Covey



Causes of lines, wrinkles and furrows…and How You Can Get Rid of Them…

Lines, wrinkles, furrows, folds and sagging skin all form for various reasons. I’m often asked what causes these unwelcome signs of aging, so I decided to write about it in this blog.

Deep lines or furrows are formed, over the years, by facial muscles in motion. These are called dynamic lines due to the muscle activity, and they occur mainly in the forehead, around the eyes (squint lines or Crow’s Feet) and above the upper lip from repeated lip pursing. Botox and Dysport are the top choices for temporarily correcting dynamic lines. These injectables work by inhibiting muscle activity to slow down line formation, smooth out existing lines and wrinkles and prevent future ones from being formed.

Static lines are those lines that are unchanged by muscle motion. They just stay the way they were formed. Eventually, dynamic lines become static also thus making them permanent.   Injectable fillers, such as Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm or Belotero are great choices for eliminating static lines. Fillers plump up the treated areas and restore youthful contours for up to 2 years with our newer, advanced formulas and injection techniques.

Sags and Bags are different than lines and wrinkles even though they all occur with aging. Ptosis (sagging) is primarily linked to the aging process. As we age, there is a gradual reduction of subcutaneous fat cells. This is another form of volume loss that causes the skin to stretch and sag (ptosis) due to skin laxity. This process is clearly seen in the lower part of the aging face such as the jowls or nasolabial folds or saggy upper eyelids and under eye bags from too much fat. If minor preventive treatments are started early enough (20’s-30’s) much of this can be delayed, slowed down or prevented without surgery. Today’s injectable fillers are often called “miracle workers” for good reason.

It’s never too late to get started! Exilis Elite can tighten lax skin, melt stubborn fat, resculpt your face (and body) and restore youthful contours. Popular areas we treat include: face, jowls, neck, chest, back, love handles, bra fat, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, knees and more.

Beach Time can be eye opening…many of my patients are coming in for cellulite treatments with our Cellulaze Laser. It is the first and only one that attacks cellulite where it starts…under the skin. This office treatment offers immediate, satisfying results.

My patients love Cellulazetm Laser treatments because they get results! Visit my website for more info on Cellulaze and other age defying treatments I offer.

At East End Laser Care, each patient helps design his or her own personalized treatment plan. This assures you get the results you desire and deserve. Let’s talk soon.



Dr. Covey




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