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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Less is So Much More

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, I’m a firm believer in moderation. I believe that you can achieve beautiful results without going too far. I think that the same is true for makeup.


I’ve noticed that many women, though, even after having procedures that trim years off their faces, apply their makeup with the same heavy hand that they did as a way to conceal their aging or their flaws. But typically, more makeup makes you look older. Your new fresh face will do better with less.


Here’s what I suggest for every day: a concealer for under your eyes, a light tinted moisturizer or BB cream, liner, mascara, lipstick or gloss.


That is it. Period. Try it and let me know what happens.


Also…remember to RSVP to our upcoming seminar on April 11 and see live demonstrations of new cosmetic procedures and computer imaging results. We’ll provide a complimentary continental breakfast, special offers and free gifts to attendees only. PLUS…There will be drawings to win FREE treatments. See you there.


Atlantis Banquet & Events Seastar Ballroom

431 East Main Street


RSVP: (631) 878-9200 or online,

Big Idea #2

Last week, I talked about happiness, and how important it is for my staff and me to give you every opportunity to be as content as you can possibly be. Tied up in that idea is the notion of confidence. A huge concept. A driving mindset. A life-changing force.


Confidence–in your abilities, your talents, your appearance–is contagious. If you feel secure in one aspect of your life, you will likely feel that same assuredness elsewhere. Here, of course, we think that your sense of your physical beauty is one of the most powerful feelings a person can have. So, we feel a certain responsibility to provide not only impeccable technical care, but also a real springboard for how you view and carry yourself each and every day.


When you try on a dress a few sizes smaller than the one you wore two months ago, or catch a glimpse of your profile as you walk by a shop window, or see a fresh and rested face in your morning mirror, your confidence meter is on the rise. Sometimes, you feel it right then; sometimes, the effects are cumulative. Always, the self-possession grows. We see it from your first visit to your second…and beyond…and it is a beautiful thing to behold.


Save the Date: Come to our seminar on April 11 and see live demonstrations of new cosmetic procedures and computer imaging results. We’ll provide a complimentary continental breakfast, special offers and free gifts to attendees only. PLUS…There will be drawings to win FREE treatments. See you there.

TIME: 10:30

PLACE: Atlantis Banquet & Events Seastar Ballroom 431 East Main Street, Riverhead

RSVP: (631) 878-9200 or online,


As a doctor, I think about you–my patients–all the time. I think about your health, your general well-being and what I can do to improve both of these aspects of your lives. This past week, as I’ve watched you come into the office looking and feeling one way and leave looking and feeling another, I’ve been thinking a lot about your happiness.


It has always been important to us to make sure that you are pleased with our treatments. It’s critical for us that this extends beyond the actual procedures and into your every day life, and I think that it does. Our goal is for you to live your life in a happier and more confident way, and we are so thrilled that we see this even as you walk out the door.


Contentment with one’s physical self, we know, translates into contentment with a whole lot more. When you believe that you look good, your walk changes. Your posture improves. You wear different clothes, different makeup. You get a new haircut. You smile more, you engage other people more. You are optimistic and, simply, happy.


This coming week, as you visit us in our offices, think about the emotional shift that is about to happen. Your face and body will look their most beautiful and equally exciting, so will your outlook.


See you soon.

Here Comes The Sun: Time To Get Ready

shutterstock_243777118Living close to the beach requires discipline. That may seem like a strange statement, given how relaxed and casual the environment is here. But when it comes to your skin–and wrinkles, dark spots and melanoma–you need a serious regimen.


Since just last month, the UV (harmful ultraviolet radiation) index for Long Island has increased one level. In two weeks, it will jump two more, followed by another in May and again in June. (Click here for a map of UV averages around the country)


Now is the time to put your sun protection plan in place, if you haven’t done so already. It is easy to do if you simply make it part of your daily routine. Here is what I recommend:


Think 30: Every day, whether you are going to the beach or not, and even when it is cloudy, apply a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or above. Use it on your face before you put on makeup and on the exposed parts of your body. You may choose a moisturizer formulated specifically for the face and another just for your body, or you may use the same for both. If you are at the beach, where the rays are intensified, remember to reapply after two hours or after swimming or perspiring.


Search for Shade: Sun damage is cumulative, so every minute spent out of dangerous rays will help your skin stay young-looking and healthy. So, avoid the sun when you can, at all costs–cross to the shady side of the street, sit under the umbrella on the restaurant patio, carry an umbrella in your purse.


Beware the Bewitching Hours: The sun is strongest between 10 am and 2 pm, so do what you can to avoid it during this time.


Hats On: Go for a wide brim, and make sure that it covers the back of your neck, too. Make wearing other protective clothing a habit, too, such as sunglasses and long sleeves. Keep a basket of summer sun gear in your car, as you would a fleece throw in the winter.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to help you look and feel your best.


What Makes Someone Beautiful, Anyway?

The notion of attractiveness seems simple. When we see a person, we know immediately whether we think he or she is beautiful. We don’t really have to decide; our reaction is involuntary, and it is personal. You might think that a particular person is stunning, while your best friend might not.


Interestingly, studies over the years have shown that most people tend to agree, for the most part, on what constitutes a beautiful face, and that the reason they do relies more on brain science than on preference. Consider the ability of babies to recognize faces and prefer the ones that society deems pretty.


So, how we assess appearance might be more complex than simply liking large eyes better than small ones or full lips rather than thin ones. The brain has the capacity to recognize not only attractiveness, but also emotions, personality traits and fertility. The part of the brain that allows us to do this, the fusiform, is also responsible for our ability to recognize familiar faces. When it is damaged, we can’t recall whom we’ve just met, and we can’t distinguish between plain faces and beautiful ones. When we decide that someone is beautiful, we are really thinking that the person is healthy and vital, studies have shown. Smooth skin and symmetrical facial features, for instance, indicate to our brain that a person has good genetics and is not ill, both of which lead us to think that the person is attractive.


However our perception is formed, appearance–of others and ourselves–has a powerful effect on so many of our emotions.

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