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Monthly Archives: November 2014


This week is Thanksgiving, but we all see the Holiday decorations popping up everywhere and most of the retail stores are already playing seasonal music. Especially with Black Friday in the forefront of people’s minds, will be the gifts they want to give and receive. In this blog I hope to guide you on some amazing youth restoring gift options that you can ask for, as well as share with someone you love.

Where to Go

Fortunately, you need to go no further than East End Laser Care since we offer the most comprehensive spectrum of non invasive procedures. This is our specialty. While most doctors perform cosmetic injectables in addition to their area of expertise, we perform them as our primary goal to help you achieve the cosmetic enhancements of your dreams. You’ll have access to all the hottest, safest treatments with proven performance.

What You Want

This time of year the calendar is loaded with social gatherings. Many of us will be seeing friends and family whom we may not have seen in a while. Don’t you want to look your best? As cameras click away, everyone will be in lots of holiday photos to capture all the fun memories. Don’t you want to look back on those photos and like what you see? Whether you’re looking to receive a gift or give someone the gift of a rejuvenated face or body, we have a non surgical procedure that can help.

Many of these treatments are “in and out”, with little to no recovery, so they don’t require stepping out of the social holiday fun. You can see all the procedure options at, but here are some of our most popular treatments:

  1. Radiant Skin glows after a FRAXEL LASER treatment. It is so versatile that you can firm up loose skin, brighten dull or pigmented skin, and even smooth out wrinkles.
  2. Non surgical mini face lift really exists with the skin tightening, collagen boosting THERMAGE CPT and ELILIS. AND… with JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC injections, facial volume is restored, resulting in a lifted, revitalized new look.
  3. Luscious lips become fuller with hyaluronic acid fillers JUVEDERM and RESTYLANE.
  4. Smooth out wrinkles on forehead and crows feet with BOTOX or DYSPORT.
  5. Fill in smile lines or those nasolabial folds that come down from the outer edge of the nostrils to the outer tip of the lips with JUVEDERM, RESTYLANE, OR RADIESSE.
  6. Sculpt the body without surgery by using THERMAGE CPT or EXILIS to tighten and lift loose skin on the arms, legs, and buttocks…and even drooping eyelids.
  7. Smooth out cellulite with CELLULAZE, the most advanced cellulite treatment available. It increases skin’s elasticity, flattens lumps and bumps and is clinically proven to smooth out the skin’s surface.
  8. Laser hair removal can save lots of time from shaving and waxing.
  9. Melt that extra fat from the waistline, abdomen inner or outer thighs, hips, arms, buttocks, etc. with SMARTLIPO TRIPLEX. It is the most advanced laser lipo available to remove fat and contour the body. Its skin tightening effects also help with loose skin after the fat is removed.


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Covey

The Gift of Youth: The Best Holiday Gift

Instead of spending hours shopping for the perfect gift for the holidays, you can give one of the hottest, most desirable gifts that almost every adult would love and benefit from: a non invasive cosmetic procedure. More and more people are asking (and secretly wanting but not asking) for cosmetic treatments for the holidays.

Who’s a Great Recipient

  • Someone who already “has everything”
  • Women or Men 35+
  • If they’ve mentioned they’ve wanted to try a non invasive procedure
  • They’ve expressed concern about wrinkles, especially crow’s feet or on the forehead

A Gift that’s Not Just for the Ladies

Most women are very pleased to receive this as a gift, but believe it or not, so are men. While some men might not be willing to take the jump to get a treatment for themselves, receiving it as a gift can give him that nudge towards doing what he wanted to anyway.

Many men like getting work done for the professional advantage. A younger, healthier, more alert demeanor can give him that edge in the marketplace. There are many amazing non invasive treatments that make the perfect gift for men.

Top Procedures for Men

  1. “Bro-tox” is Botox for men that can rejuvenate a tired looking eye area by banishing crow’s feet. It also can smooth out the wrinkles on the forehead and in between the eyes, which can turn what looks like a furrowed scowl into a more positive visage.
  2. Laser hair removal can save lots of time shaving and waxing.
  3. Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, and Radiesse to fill in those folds around the nose, the pitting from acne scars, and restore a smooth, more youthfully contoured appearance.

Top Procedures for Women

  1. Thermage CPT is the hottest non surgical face lift available with dramatic results for lifting hooded eyelids. It can also be used to tighten and lift loose skin on the arms, legs, and buttocks.
  2. Injections provide so many options depending on what each person needs. Botox and Dysport smooth out wrinkles by relaxing muscles, while Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane are hyaluronic acid fillers that fill in lines by natural plumping effects. Radiesse is another option that uses tiny, smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) particles to fill in lines. Depending on the location and depth of the wrinkles, Dr. Covey provides expert guidance on the best choice for what needs to be done, including facial contouring and plumping lips.
  3. SmartLipo Triplex is the most advanced laser lipo available to remove fat and contour the body.

With one simple gift, you can provide so many face and body rejuvenating choices for your loved one. Simply purchase a gift certificate, package that with a brochure with a bow on top, and you’ve got a smile worthy surprise in store for them. We want to put a smile on your face too, so with every $100 gift card purchase you will receive a $20 gift card for yourself.

We experience a significant increase in treatments this time of year, so be sure to come in and get your gift certificate or schedule your procedure today. We offer the hottest, most advanced, safest, and most comprehensive non invasive treatments available for face and body rejuvenation. You can see all the procedure options at


Dr. Covey


Glowing Skin for the Holidays

Snow has already started to fall in some areas and with the colder temperatures of the fall and winter season, comes a variety of skin concerns. In addition to dryness, one of the top concerns I hear about is dull, rough skin. When skin has lost its radiance, it looks older.

Where Did the Glow Go?

The natural glow from skin mainly comes from a high cellular turnover that reveals fresh new skin. As we age cellular turnover slows down and dead skin builds up to cause rough texture and lackluster skin.

Getting the Glow Back

There are a variety of ways you can go about getting your glow back.

DIET… Being conscious of your eating habits during the holidays will not only help you keep off the weight, but it’ll help your skin too. Sugar and processed foods aren’t good for the body and also reflect poorly on the skin. Staying hydrated and even eating foods with high water content can help. Foods with healthy fats, such as avocados, as well as other vegetables and fruits that are high in beta carotene and vitamin A empower radiant skin.

LIFESTYLE… Alcohol, soda, and caffeine drinks like coffee have a dehydrating effect on the skin. Smoking deprives the skin of vital nutrients and oxygen. Minimizing these vices can give your skin a better chance for healthy cellular production that’ll reflect externally. Getting good rest is important for rejuvenating your whole body and allows skin to restore its natural balance. Getting your “beauty sleep” isn’t just an old wives’ tale.

LASERS… These treatments offer a non surgical option for effective skin rejuvenation. Powerful targeted treatments beam tiny columns of light into the deeper layers of skin of a specific area. Lasers are available in different strengths and types to solve a variety of problems and reverse the signs of aging:

  • Resurface the skin to restore glow
  • Reduce deep lines and scars
  • Firm up skin
  • Reduce or eliminate skin pigmentation
  • Smooth out the skins’ surface and texture

Laser Options

Laser treatments offer flexibility tailored to your specific skin rejuvenation needs. If you’ve just recently noticed an increasing dull complexion or it’s been years since you’ve wanted to do something about it, there is a laser for you. We offer laser treatments from gentle to intense, all the while delivering visible results.

Fraxel Repair

  • more aggressive approach for significant levels of concern
  • carbon dioxide laser beams
  • removes old damaged tissue to stimulate collagen production
  • Fractional Deep Dermal Ablative (FDAA)
  • moderate recovery, yet is insignificant compared to surgery

Fraxel DUAL

  • middle strength for moderate levels of concern
  • erbium and thulium laser
  • safe for all skin types
  • very commonly used for pigmentation and texture
  • optimal results typically achieved in a series of treatments
  • may experience mild redness for a day or two, but no downtime

Clear + Brilliant

  • most gentle laser ideal for beginners wanting to “ease in to lasers”
  • done in a series of treatments with no downtime
  • visibly illuminates your skin tone
  • optimal results typically achieved in a series of treatments
  • no downtime

Let’s talk about the best laser options for you to restore your skin’s radiance and get back that glow for the holidays! Visit to learn more.


Dr. Covey

Men’s Skin Is Different

As the title of the famous book, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, points out – men and women are so different. These differences between men and women even apply to the characteristics of the skin, especially on the face. As an example, just look at a man’s ability to grow facial hair.

These differences mean that men and women have some unique skin needs through the years. Generally there are similarities in that we all lose collagen and need to protect ourselves from sun damage, but the facial skin differences are interesting and contribute to the tailored treatment for restoring a man’s facial health and vitality. In this week’s blog, I’ll cover some interesting characteristics of men’s skin and how to keep it looking younger longer.

  • Thickness… A man’s skin is about 25 percent thicker than that of a woman’s. Their androgens, such as testosterone, are the cause of the increased thickness, although skin does gradually thin with age.
  • Hydration… Male skin appears to be better hydrated than women’s. Sebum, the oily substance that lubricates skin, is produced in greater amounts in post pubescent males than in females. In addition to more sebum, the level of tissue hydration is possibly caused by excess sweating and production of lactic acid in the sweat. Men’s body temperature is higher and they sweat more than twice as much as women.
  • Collagen Density… Men have a higher collagen density than women at all ages. The higher collagen density correlates to the thickness of their skin, and why women appear to age faster than men of the same age. Even though, both men and women lose about 1% of their collagen each year after their 30th birthday, men start off with higher levels so their signs of aging can be delayed.

Taking it for Granted

While men have many advantages with their skin, the majority don’t take care of the assets that they have been given genetically. Despite the higher levels of collagen, thickness, and moisture, men tend to not use sunscreen or skincare to preserve those benefits for longer lasting youthful skin. This is where I can help repair the visible effects of any damage.

Today’s Men Choose Cosmetic Enhancements to Rejuvenate Their Skin

Even though men’s skin seems more resilient, it still weathers with time and can benefit from anti aging treatments to revitalize it. When the marketplace requires mature men to maintain a competitive edge, they can’t afford to look tired and worn down. With strategic cosmetic treatments, men can maintain a rugged look while restoring a healthy, energized, yet relaxed look. Here’s how:

  1. Dysport or Botox aka “Brotox” – can help smooth out CROW’S FEET  and FOREHEAD WRINKLES that could mistakenly communicate a gruff, angry, tired or sour disposition.
  2. Thermage CPT – can bring up DROOPY BROWS & EYELIDS and may be used to correct UNDER EYE BULGES to restore a lively vitality to the eyes.
  3. Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm or Radiesse – are perfect for filling in SMILE LINES and ACNE SCARS for a smooth, youthful, and rested appearance.
  4. Today’s Men…Baby Boomer’s, Gen Xer’s and Millennials…of all ages and stages in life are having “cosmetic enhancements” so they can restore a youthful, healthy appearance and look as great as they feel!

With little or no downtime, these in and out procedures can help men capitalize on the natural differences in their skin to restore a healthy confidence to their look. Visit to learn more.


Dr. Covey

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